Were you at Edson Rodger’s birthday party? I was there last Saturday, Flag Day. Edson’s actual birthday was on June 6, but he and his dedicated committee, all Legion and Legion Auxiliary participants, and Lester Baptiste among others, made Flag Day the true party for our country and for Edson. Edson’s better half, Norma, was there to help, as well as daughter Stacey and granddaughter Angie from Washington, D.C.

During his years of service, Edson had played in the Navy band, so nothing would do but to have the North East Navy Band come out to perform on Flag Day, and to mark the 50th anniversary of the dedication of War Veterans Memorial Park. The band marched down Main street and we all fell in behind. At the park, Jo Ann Murphy, Fred Thifault and town administrator Jay Grande gave moving but brief speeches. And the band played on. They re-grouped at the Tabernacle for a free performance that night at 7. Norma said there were scores of enthusiastic, patriotic people in the audience. Some of the selections they played were The Prayer, the theme songs of every branch of our armed services, and Stars and Stripes Forever. Our Boy Scouts sold flags at the event and there was not, as they say, a dry eye. Edson and I particularly want to thank manager Marcia Moore at the Vineyard Harbor Motel who scrambled last minute to find accommodations for everyone. I believe a new tradition has started; this is Edson’s birthday party to manage annually. Same time, next year.

Play this number: 88.7 FM. I’m a bit behind the times, but how delightful to find WMVY is back on air as a listener-supported station. It was so great to hear Barbara Dacey, many of our former deejays and some of our newest, present the kind of programming I have missed for years. Seems like old times.

I rarely cross the border into other towns but a sign has proliferated in my neighborhood that you more adventurous folks inform me is in the other towns as well. Suddenly, one day like weeds, red and white signs showed up on many of my neighbors’ lawns that reads: Drive Like Your Kids Live Here. Good advice, no doubt, but one of my top stringers for this column, and she knows who she is, handles all grammatical matters for me. I think it should say “Drive As If Your Kids Live Here.” She agreed with me, then also offered “Drive As Though Your Kids Live Here.” I expect all you English majors to weigh in on this.

Perhaps we should change this town’s bi-polar name — Tisbury or Vineyard Haven, take your pick, to Lobsterville. Grace Church is offering its ever-popular lobster rolls each Friday night from 4:30 to 7. If once a week is not enough lobster for you, please join me each Tuesday night, also from 4:30 to 7, at our local American Legion Post 257 on Martin Road. Each over-stuffed roll comes at the same price we offered last year, $15. Enjoy the slice of watermelon and beverage included and try our clam chowder. I’ll see you there at our opening on Tuesday, June 24.

The creative minds at Renaissance House have put a call out for their event at Inkwell Beach on the Fourth of July. We need readers to volunteer to help present the famous speech by Frederick Douglass, “What Does the Fourth of July Mean to a Negro?” Call 917-747-0367 or email Renaissancehse@aol.com.

Welcome back to Fred and Sally Benson; it was a long winter without you. Fred has been busy at work as our faithful addition to the summer shellfish warden force.

The Charles W. Morgan had its 37th voyage in 1841. Well, fully refitted, it is now on its 38th and, fair winds permitting, coming out to Vineyard Haven this week. This is America’s last wooden whaleship. Come visit, talk to the crew and track the progress on mysticseaport.com. An added enticement is the film by Emmy winner Bailey Prior, which will be shown at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center on Tuesday, June 24, at 7:30 p.m. Bailey documents the incredible saga of whaling, the first global industry dominated by our country. I’ll see you there.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Allan and Michele Berman for their 50th on June 24. I can’t wait to get the news of this party!

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Laura Kimball, Khalil Khalil, John O’Donnell and Denise Civetta today. June 22 shines on Michelle Alton, Pam Bahal and Eric Pachico. June 23 is shared by Charley Wulshleger and Byron Kennedy. June 24 is claimed by Vanessa Williams and Frank T. Bailey. June 25 is a party for Carly Simon, Ashley Willoughby, Suzanne Webb, Jack O’Callaghan and Eva Lemoine. And on June 26, Eileen Whiting and Charlie Mead take the cake. Many happy returns.