There will be no racing pigs this year, but there will be a new animal attraction. And poultry farmers take note: your prize-winning hens, roosters and pullets must pass a health test this month in order to be entered in the fair.

These are a few of the news highlights from the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair, which is gearing up for its 153rd year this summer.

The fair dates are August 21 through 24.

Robinson’s Racing Pigs — curly-tailed piglets that sprint in circles to win an Oreo cookie — will not be at this year’s fair due to a scheduling glitch, longtime fair manager Eleanor Neubert said Monday. Instead, fairgoers will have the opportunity to watch a new and different animal attraction, which Ms. Neubert said is still a secret.

Premium fair books detailing the rules and regulations of all events and contest entry forms will no longer be mailed to agricultural society members’ mailboxes, Ms. Neubert said. Instead, the book will be available online, as it has been for the past few years, and hard copies can be checked out at local libraries or at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury. “I think it’s a step in the right direction,” said Ms. Neubert, adding: “We are thinking that it’s more efficient to do this.”

And anyone planning to enter in the poultry categories needs to have their birds tested for pullorum. Inspectors from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources will be on Island for pullorum testing July 15 and July 22. Testing is free and appointments must be made by July 11, Ms. Neubert said. Only poultry raised on Martha’s Vineyard that passes inspection and is granted a pullorum clean certificate will be considered for entry. Flock owners are responsible for confining their entire flock on the day of the testing. To schedule an appointment, contact Alex MacDonald at 617-872-9961 (, or Megan Megrath at 617-626-1798 (

As the old saying goes, all roads lead to the fair.

An earlier version of this story reported that the MV Harley Riders might appear at the fair. Fair organizers learned Wednesday that the Harley riders could not attend.