Aquinnah Donald R. Silva purchased Moshup Trail land in Aquinnah from Hamilton F. Cammann, TRS and Nickm Realty Trust for $300,000 on June 26.


Brickyard Fields LLC purchased 14 and 37 Brickyard Road in Chilmark from Great Rock Bight LP, Great Field Nominee Trust and Kendall P. Harris, TRS for $2,200,000 on June 26.


Alexandra MV LLC purchased 96 South Summer street in Edgartown from Jeffrey S. Nolan, TRS and Nolan Family Irrevocable Trust of 2009 for $1,290,000 on June 23.

Mohamed Ali purchased 5 Mill Hill Farms Road in Edgartown from Allen W. Wilson, TRS, Thomas R. Wilson, TRS, James F. Wilson, TRS, Wilson Revocable Living Trust, Ruth W. Bellizzi, TRS, Michael J. Bellizzi, TRS, and Bellizzi Family 1999 Realty Trust for $885,000 on June 24.

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission purchased land at Edgartown Great Pond in Edgartown from Ann Heron for $7,600 on June 26.

Jayne M. Leaf and Jayne Steidle purchased 223 Upper Main street in Edgartown from Jayne M. Steidle, Jayne M. Leaf, Melissa R. Montesion and Melissa R. Vasiliadis for $259,626.55 on June 26.

Matthew J. Walston and Jean T. Walston purchased 19 North street in Edgartown from David T. Bell, Stephanie T. Bell and Stephanie Teller for $660,000 on June 27.

JMP Property Development LLC purchased 8 Mockingbird Drive in Edgartown from Marc Steven Kaitz for $350,000 on June 24.

Oak Bluffs

Valci T. Carvalho and Katelyn Carvalho purchased 15 Linden avenue in Oak Bluffs from Michael A. Freda for $285,000 on June 23.

BB&L LLC purchased 4 Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs from Janet L. King, TRS, and Ritz Nominee Trust for $975,000 on June 24.

Richard Wojtczak purchased 31 Nunpaug street in Oak Bluffs from Donna M. Fayad, Cynthia Syiek, George J. Fayad Jr. and John A. Fayad, EST, for $171,000 on June 26.

Marinko Vukota and Lauren E. Vukota purchased 42 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from Jennifer L. Pye for $350,000 on June 27.

Vineyard Haven

Paul J. Tines purchased 244 State Road in Vineyard Haven from Aaron Beck for $400,000 on June 23.

Michael Roberts and Patricia Roberts purchased 32 East Sound Lane in Vineyard Haven from William D. Rollnick for $3,350,000 on June 24.

Edwin E. Hastings and Constance VB Hastings purchased 186 Head of Pond Road in Vineyard Haven from Glenn Christopher Bachman, TRS, A. Larry Berren, TRS, Beatrice B. Frantz QTip 2005 Trust, Duane Dale, TRS, Cheryl L. Shaw, TRS and David H. Frantz Jr. Revocable Trust 1997 for $825,000 on June 24.

Lynn S. Porter and William Mackathi purchased 255 Daggett avenue in Vineyard Haven from Sanford Nadelstein and Sofya Nadelstein for $525,000 on June 27.

Martin Schneider and Penny Schneider purchased 26 Sunnyside avenue in Vineyard Haven from Richard E. Gorsey and Eleanor Gorsey for $1,150,000 on June 26.

West Tisbury Beardog Trust LLC purchased 56 Indian Hill Road in West Tisbury from James A. Hart for $203,000 on June 26.