On Saturday, July 12, Ellen Liman invites you to head to the beach, by way of the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse art gallery. There will be a reception there on Saturday for Ms. Liman’s artwork from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The show is entitled At the Beach: Vineyard People and Places, and Ms. Liman is a perfect guide down this road. She has been painting on the Vineyard for more than 25 years. She has studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Art Student’s League, Columbia University and the National Academy of Design. In other words, she has put in the time and study over the years, building some serious artist chops.

But life, the day-to-day business of it, is also a powerful influence on any artist and here, too, Ms. Liman shines. Her husband was chief counsel for the U.S. Senate’s investigation of the Iran-Contra affair in the mid 1980s. Her son Doug Liman is a movie producer and director who seems to hit a home run every time — the Bourne Identity series, Swingers, Go, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the Edge of Tomorrow.

Have we gone off topic? After all, this show is about the beach and the Vineyard, not the triumphs of family members. And yet it is all of a whole, life and art, and so side trips to familial backstories do have a place when looking at thoughtful renderings of lazy summer days, reading books on the beach. After all, what lurks underneath those beach umbrellas? Ms. Liman knows, and now perhaps you have an idea, too.

The show runs through July 24. The gallery is open during performances and regular box office hours at the playhouse, or by appointment. So take in a play after enjoying the artwork.

Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse is located at 24 Church street, Vineyard Haven. Visit mvplayhouse.org or call 508-696-6300.