We saved the best for last. Holding the Fourth of July on the Fifth of July really worked out well for us, didn’t it? By Saturday, the parade seemed even more festive, the fireworks even more brilliant. I was unable to attend either, but had the good fortune of seeing the Camp Jabberwocky float leave our town in time to make it to the parade. Same time, next year.

Speaking of Camp Jabborwacky, Liza Gallagher, the camp’s director, has put out a call for much-needed donations at Helen Lamb’s dream camp. Jabberwocky could use new or good condition computers from the last two years, a new camera that is small and portable, but takes high quality images, and good quality adult art supplies are also welcome. You can make your donation at info@campjabberwocky.org.

Speaking of adult art supplies, Sandy Whitworth at the Tisbury Senior Center announces a terrific program that began yesterday. For four Thursdays, from 1 to 3 p.m., Sally Flood will lend her artistic expertise to those wanting to learn to work with acrylics. The program is absolutely free, and supplies are included. All levels of experience are welcome. If you are a novice, Sally will guide you in how to load your brush and apply the strokes. I’ll see you there.

Big news from a big family: Francis and Debbie Pitts are entertaining three generations of over 20 Pitts relatives and friends in their 34th year here! The reunion commenced just after Francis returned last week from being elected vice president of the American Institute of Architects. Getting everyone on-Island was quite a task, but they all assembled in time to note Paul Ko’s proposal to Francis and Debbie’s daughter, Annelise. Paul popped the question at Cedar Tree Neck. This is a second generation on-Island Pitts proposal. Francis proposed to Debbie at the Capricorn House many moons ago. To add to the festive family gathering, Frank’s sister Verna surprised all by marrying John Thomas Heberg on the beach at Lobsterville over the weekend. Congratulations to all!

I intended to attend Three Goodlookin’ Poets at the Renaissance House salon Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I could not make it. Director Abigail McGrath very kindly saved a seat for me. She called the next day to say I missed a magical evening. If any of you also missed it, catch up on it with me on MVTV next Tuesday, July 15.

Javier and Julia Gomez Blanco enjoyed their first date night at the Copper Wok on Monday night. Julia says the food is fantastic and takeout is available. Javier returned to New Jersey on Tuesday to work and look after the house and the cats. Julie and her kids are here for a month. I am so grateful. Aidan has already helped me move the critters to their dog grooming appointment. Aidan and Livvy will now begin their dog walking routine. How lucky am I?

Joyce Maxner takes over story time on Tuesday, July 15, at 10 a.m. for the infants to 2 year olds; 11 a.m. for the 3 to 5 set. Her program is titled Music Together and the kids will love it. Aidan and Livvy can join the 5 year olds and up on Thursday, July 17 at 4 p.m. for a creative drama activity presented by my dear friend Phyllis Vecchia. This event is sponsored by the Anderson Foundation through the Friends of the Vineyard Haven Public Library. It is free, but space is limited to first come, first served. Remember, if your child is under 8 years of age, a grown up is required to be with him or her.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Alden Besse, Denny Freitas, Tom Roux, Miro Balbino, Dennis White and Mary Fuller today. Tomorrow is a party for Betty Burton, Veraniece Martins, Dick Iacovello and Marfi Gagnon. July 13 shines on Jaron Schilling, Nancy Mac Gardella, Karen Lobdell, Nevenka Daniels and Talula Goldberry Martin. July 14 is for Bob Wheeler, Ronda MacLeod and Alanna Majors. July 15 sees Pam Alley, Laurel Redington Whitaker and Courtenay Stanley age gracefully. July 16 honors Karen English, Shawna Medeiros, John Schilling and Dan Manning. And on July 17, Christopher Leigh Clark, Daniel Van Landingham, Jay and Dana Bangs, Jessica Slocum, Fred Benson and Barbara Masters take the cake.

Many happy returns.

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