It seems my neighborhood in Vineyard Haven has gotten just as busy as my old ‘hood in Manhattan. I saw a large group on Walter and Gail Burke’s deck and nothing would do but for me to cross the street and get the scoop. Walter, Gail and I are still friends although we were on opposing sides in the Rupert the Rooster controversy. As luck would have it, 7-year-old grandson Ernesto was visiting with his mom, Megan Burke. Ernesto and Megan live in Nicaragua so this was a month-long stay. Sure enough, daughter Jennifer Burke drove out from western Massachusetts with 8-year-old Abby and 3-year-old Alex. The sisters and cousins had a fine time beaching, crabbing, playing mini golf, attending puppet shows at the Grange, and visiting the special exhibit at the Polly Hill Arboretum, The Message of the Butterfly. Abby enjoyed that exhibit so much she has seen it twice! Abby also loved her swim lessons at the Y and her days at the Farm Institute camp.

During this excitement, Maria Wernevi, the Burkes’ exchange student during Jennifer’s senior year of high school, visited with her husband, Claus Langhoff-Roose, and their three kids: Axel, Klara and Karl Oscar. The family had rented a boat, arrived here for three days, left for Nantucket for two days, and returned here to visit again. While I was trying to digest all this news, Officer Leccese of Tisbury’s finest drove up to interview the Burkes. You know those red and white signs that have proliferated on-Island, Drive like your kids live here? The ones I wrote about a few columns back that irk me because they are grammatically incorrect? Someone has stolen the Burkes’ sign for the second time this summer. These are not some town give away. Apparently concerned citizens order them online and pay for them. Officer Leccese was very kind and very professional, but I must say I did not see him dust for fingerprints, do any DNA testing on the property, or reconstruct the scene. Am I watching too much television? And I informed the officer that I knew who committed the crime, Some ticked-off grammarian, no doubt.

Susie Goldstein doesn’t just rest after her many and varied activities running the Mansion House. Susie is having a very special reception for the new president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation, Teresa Younger. The reception is next Wednesday, August 6, at 7 p.m. in West Tisbury. All Islanders and visitors are invited, but space is limited so please RSVP to Loretta Kane, 212-709-4436 (office), 202-365-3806 (cell), or by email Gloria Steinem says Teresa Younger is “the perfect person to continue the grassroots strength of the Ms. Foundation and build it into policy and protection against backlash.” RSVP immediately. I’ll see you there.

What a great time Nonna and I had at the fundraiser-party at our Tisbury Senior Center last Saturday! It was fun to see old friends there and make some new ones. We were first serenaded by 13 ukelele players with traditional popular songs. Then the kitchen and serving crew, under the capable direction of Bruce Doten, brought us lobster tail, stuffed quahogs, salad, sweet corn and watermelon. Thank you all. If you missed the luncheon, but would like to contribute to the Friends of the Tisbury Council on Aging send your check to the Friends’ c/o Bruce Doten, P.O. Box 903 Vineyard Haven, MA 02568.

Confidential to Lyn K: Nonna has read two true murder stories and is now reading one of my many books on the Philby conspiracy. I am still plodding through Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle. I would be finished by now if this summer was not so hectic!

Anniversary bouquets go to my son and daughter in law on August 5, Chris and Lilly Clark in Rockford, IL.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Gisele Nascimento and Charlotte Lowell Bettencourt today. August 2 is shared by Sam Marlin and Seniel Seward. August 3 is a party for Will Sherman, Thomas Colligan Sr., Lucas Brunelle, Sharon and Patty Roddy and this reporter. August 4 shines on Elaine Klein and Barack Obama. August 5 is claimed by Tommer Willems, Jennifer Kaufman, Janet Alley and Susan Klein. August 6 is a party for Angelo Stoudemire, Beverley Ann Brush, Ashleigh Poirier and Janet Sabin. And on August 7, Arlinda Graves, Travis Baptiste, Sandie Corr-Dolby and Luisa Tassiana take the cake. Many happy returns.

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