This weekend Cinema Circus heads to the West Tisbury Public Library and the Field Gallery. The films will be shown Sunday, August 3, along with filmmaking workshops, live shows and circus fun from noon to 6 p.m. Films for 6 to 9 year olds begin at 12:30 p.m. and films for 2 to 5 year olds begin at 5 p.m. A feature film for teens, Class of Fun, will be screened at 2:45 p.m.

Hunter and Tanner Weiss, ages 4 and 6, checked out the films for the younger children to give their take on what other kids can expect.

For the 2 to 5 year old films, the brothers shared movie critic duties.

Of the two Bink & Gollie films, Hunter liked the second one about the fish the most, but was initially too shy to share why.

“Did you like it because even though Gollie was a little mean, they still could be friends, Gollie and Bink?” asked Tanner. Hunter grinned and nodded.

“I guessed exactly why you liked it,” Tanner said, now also grinning.

The next film, High Above the Moon, a film about a young boy running away in a supermarket to play with the toys in the front, was the only movie Hunter didn’t like.

“Is it because you would be scared and would worry about where is my mommy and daddy?” Tanner asked.

Hunter wouldn’t commit to his reason for disliking the film, but did share that if he did end up on the moon like the boy in the movie, he would also eat it because “the moon tastes like chocolate.”

The boys were excited to see This is Not My Hat because the book, on which the film is based, is a favorite in their home.

“The special was love,” Tanner said. “Well, the special of the day was biscuits shaped like a heart. And one of the things I remember from the movie, the film, was like, they didn’t just have real biscuits and real things, they would use all these things that you would use to make a craft.”

To which Hunter responded, “I pretend I’m an eyeball. And I can see everything around me.”

Hunter described the final film, Maccupation (the only film in both programs) this way: “the squirrel collected acorns to eat because it made him happy. The Giant Acorn made him the happiest. It was so funny because squirrels don’t do the disco.”

Hunter then announced that moving forward he will pretend to be a disco-dancing squirrel.

For the 6 to 9 year old films, Tanner took sole responsibility.

Collectors Gift

“There was this house that at first looked like a haunted house but then like there was a little girl who went in, and she found something that was lost, and put it in, and then the house started falling apart, and then I don’t know what happened because there was nothing on the screen except for things falling from the roof. I loved that movie because it was kind of, like, scary and crazy at the same time.”


“I liked Maccupation because you should share, not keep things for yourself and not other people.”

Alien Repair Guy

“I thought that one was scary because he kept turning the people into other things. He turned them into sheep. Those big speakers. Flowers. So weird.” Salt “I liked Salt because it was very weird.”

Exclamation Mark

“I loooooooooved that movie because at first he felt a little sad because he had nothing to do. He felt sad, lonely. And then at the end he found something to do and he was a lot happier. He found to be at the end of a sentence, exciting ones like Happy birthday!, Cool! He met Question Mark who asked him all these questions, which gave him an idea.”

Cootie Contagion

“I loved that one because it was, like, weird. At first he was going to this weird room. And then he said ‘I love her. I don’t believe in cooties anymore,’ and refused to keep believing in cooties.” When asked if Tanner believed in cooties and to describe them, he replied: “I don’t think cooties are real. They’re probably like a germ. They’re either germs or just freckles.”