Chilmark is moving at warp speed. My advice is to slow down and watch the motorcade go by. Wave if you aren’t on the phone. Chilmark welcomes the First Family for their annual vacation amongst us. It makes me happy to know that they like my town and want to come back each year. I join others in hoping they have a restful and fun vacation, and I join others in respecting their privacy. We all know a couple of weeks in Chilmark is good for whatever ails you.

My complaint this week is that the press of the world keeps saying the president and family are vacationing ... on Martha’s Vineyard. What is wrong with saying that they are vacationing in Chilmark? It is a 300-year-old town that has been welcoming visitors for most of those years and is a bona fide Massachusetts town, one of 296. Let’s get it right journalists!

Meanwhile, the activities and the comings and goings of summer continue in Chilmark.

Welcome to Bill Coleman who joins the family for a two-week vacation this week. Bill retired recently, as Julie says, for about three days, but was not happy with that so now works most of the week as a behavioral developmental pediatrician in North Carolina. Bill and Julie’s daughter, Chandra, arrives this week with husband Lawrence and children Lucas and Ella. The family have many Chilmark friends and will be happy to see them all. Julie, a leader of women’s walks, promises to do two a week from August 27 through Sept. 13. Please call 508-645-2261 for details.

Perry Mehrling and Judy Banker Mehrling are welcoming family to their Chilmark home, Boulder View, this week. Children Adam and Joanne, granddaughter Eva, and Joanne’s mother Judy Simon are all expected. Ms. Simon is coming all the way from London to join the reunion.

Jarvis Kellogg and Betsy Munnell are at their Tea Lane home for August and happy to have daughters Catherine and Molly here also. Among their guests will be Jarvis’s siblings, Seathrun, James and Marj, and Catherine’s friend Charlie and Molly’s friends Nina, Kori, Sophie and Caroline.

Welcome to Joshua and Sarah Mangerson who are enjoying their first summer in their new Chilmark home. Their daughters Abigail, 6, and Ella, 7 months, are with them. They look forward to enjoying Chilmark until school starts in September and they head back to Brooklyn. Joshua’s dad, Mark Mangerson and his wife Bev came this month for a visit with grandchildren and a celebration of retirement for Mark. He was an appeals court judge for the Third District in northern Wisconsin. The festivities will include lobsters on the beach at sunset. Cheers from us all!

Has the fun gone out of summer? Not if you believe these three golfers. Joel Beier of Middle Road, Jay Talbot of Prospect Hill and Ted Satler of Middle Road and New York city were seen at Mink Meadows this week exploring the woods for those small but lost white balls — a good time was had by all. Any time on the golf course is a good time, right?

Stephen and Cathie Seward of Telluride, Colo., are enjoying their annual vacation with family and friends. Their children Jake and Ben are with them. They are with Stephen’s mother, Marie, and Stan Mercer on Menemsha Crossroad. Stephen is the son of Doug Seward of West Tisbury.

Some big tuna fish crossed the dock in Menemsha this week on their way to ice and Japan. Congrats to the lucky fishermen. The harbor is a busy place with many luxury boats and active fishing boats coming and going. The weather has been cooperating.

Rick Freed, son of Norman and Diana Freed of State Road, will be having his first Chilmark show of art work at the Chilmark library. He does line drawings and watercolors, many of local scenes. Rick is an artist from Manchester, N.H., where he has had other shows. His line drawings require careful study as they have some surprises entwined in the works. Remember Nina? His show runs from August 16 to Sept. 4.

The Chilmark library will host a talk by Dr. Rebecca Gordon on August 20 from 5 to 6 p.m. Dr. Gordon is a professor at the University of San Francisco and will discuss her new book, Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches to the Post-9/11 United States. The public is invited at no charge and the Friends of the Chilmark Library sponsor the talk.

John Hough Jr. will discuss his new novel, Little Bighorn, at the Chilmark library on Thursday, August 21, at 5 p.m. He is the author of five previous novels and three works of nonfiction. Admission is free.

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