The death of Ed Colligan will be remembered as our greatest loss, summer of 2014. Ed died at home last week. We Tisburians, and, in fact, so many the Island over, have lost a true friend, dedicated veteran, father, husband, grandfather and active member of anything he was involved in. His work at our American Legion Post 257 stands alone as a testament to his goodness. Our condolences go out to all family and friends. A service is being planned for a September weekend. Details are being worked out. I’ll keep you informed and I will surely see you there.

From the corrections department: I was wrong to say last weekend was the annual Run to the Rock, a Harley motorcycle fundraiser for our Island children. Apparently, last year was the end of the official fundraiser. We need someone to pick up the torch and carry on this fine tradition. However, so many dedicated cyclists could not bear a year without their Run to the Rock, so many enthusiasts came anyway, camped, partied and visited their favorite friends and haunts. It was nice to see them all again. And a new rock band was born, Madonna and the Motorcycle Men. More about that later.

Teri and Nancy’s latest excellent adventure took place from Sunday through Tuesday just passed. I had check-up appointments with my Boston MGH team on Monday and Tuesday, so we hit the road on Sunday. Oh, no driving in Boston for me! We took the boat and the bus, marveled at the crowded Cape, and made it to Beacon House, our home away from home, by 5 p.m. The always efficient Sharon Scott had a room prepared for us. Her assistant Kenya slept under the desk during my initial visits to Sharon, but did come out and greet me by Tuesday morning. Our accommodations are enhanced by the quality of staff and friends on duty: Sharon, Bob Goodwin, Carol, Joyce and John. When Joyce learned my last name she asked if I was related to the Gardellas who had a fruit and vegetable store on West Post Road in White Plains. Sure enough, I am, and Joyce remembers being a very young girl while her grandmother shopped there. Going to see our new friends, doctors, nurses, CNAs and even Michael of the book cart, is like a homecoming to me. Dr. Beverly Moy was as beautiful and upbeat as ever.

My reviews are very good. A slight snag in one of our plans: Christiana Kamara, one of my dedicated helpers during my crisis, has become a close friend and invited Teri and me to her wedding to Andrew of Denmark. Teri and I were making plans and buying outfits for this very exciting wedding. Unfortunately, because of that pesky ebola virus, the wedding in Christiana’s hometown in Sierre Leone has been postponed. Well, more time to work on cheaper flights. And attend we will, I am a bridesmaid.

As many Islanders do when we have business at Mass General, we dined at one of the finest Italian restaurants I have ever been to, Antonio’s on Cambridge street. Our server, Robby Tiro, made us welcome and reeled off the specials with his inimitable savoir faire. We ordered too much and had a lovely midnight supper in store after our trek back up the hill to Beacon House. It was very pleasant to be in Boston in summer instead of burdened down with hats, gloves, winter coats and boots. Meanwhile, my thanks to Leide and Naromar DePaula who stayed with Nonna at night, and to Tamma and Rachel who helped out during the day. What a team!

Sadly, the Gomez-Blanco crew from East Brunswick left Marge and Paul Howes and returned to prepare for school in New Jersey. That was the fastest six weeks I have ever seen go by! So long, Javier, Julie, Aidan and Livvy. Same time next year.

Join me tonight at the Chicken Alley Thrift Shop from 5 to 8 p.m. for a fabulous fashion show featuring the work and modelling of some of our finest: Randi and Marlene, Valerie Beggs, Noava Knight, Karen Rusillo, Beldan Radcliffe, Chrysal Parrot and Sylvie Farrington. All proceeds go to Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. Tickets are $10 each.

We will next meet at the library monthly book sale tomorrow, August 16, from 2 to 4 p.m. Books are my very favorite item and I will be looking for more to add to the collection.

Then, back to the thrift shop! On Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. the annual Chicken Alley Art Show will be presented — wild, colorful, enchanting as ever. Come see your friends and neighbors and buy that special thing you did not know you could not live without. I’ll see you there.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Bob and Elaine Klein on August 16.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Jarred Garde, Patricia McNamara, Brooke Aubin, Carolyn Walters, Uta Kloss and Leigh Smith today. August 17 is a party for Michael Zenick, Gail Partridge, Renata Kinaki and Paige Stuart. August 18 shines on Leslie J. Stark, AP Iacovello, Cheryl Schrader, Melissa Dolby and Michael Donovan. August 19 honors Bill Clinton, Woody Woodward and Amanda Louise Bernard. August 20 is shared by Rick McElhinney and Laurie Hatt. And on August 21 Christian Beal and James Johnson take the cake. Many happy returns.

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