Stephanie R. Darosa purchased 9 Swans Way in Chilmark from Fred Goldstein for $40,000 on August 7.

Oak Bluffs

Vivian C. Beard purchased 22 Norris avenue in Oak Bluffs from David G. Berube and Ellen R. Berube for $410,000 on August 7.

James C. Fox, TRS, and B&G Realty Trust purchased 285 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from James F. Hickman for $1,600,000 on August 8.

Susan V. White, TRS, and Eastville Avenue Nominee Trust purchased 41 Eastville avenue in Oak Bluffs from Joseph Elias Garcia for $380,000 on August 6.

Vineyard Haven

Geoghan E. Coogan, TRS, and 14 Pine Street Realty Trust purchased 14 Pine street in Vineyard Haven from Ian A. Luce, John B. Luce, EST, Ian Andrew Luce, Abigail Catherine Luce, and Abigail C. Luce for $1,100,000 on August 8.