Chilmark has survived another August. Survival was never in doubt . . . just how could it be done? Well, we had many activities to keep us busy and the usual annual all-Island events of August, Illumination Night, the fireworks and the Agricultural Fair. I missed all but the fair, but I think it was the best! The fun of seeing so many Chilmark names with winning and almost winning ribbons; the wonderful displays of all sorts of crafts and foods; those fuzzy llamas and all the rest of the livestock and, of course, seeing so many friends out enjoying the end of summer fun . . . just the perfect end to a busy season. Congratulations to all who won ribbons for their efforts. There is a special feeling to winning a ribbon at the fair.

Chilmark sends a special thank you to David and Douglas Seward for their wonderful tribute to Jim Morgan, Chilmark fisherman turned 90. It was a large display of pictures and tributes to Jim as their annual entry to the exhibits at the fair. I hope you saw it. Jim and his family enjoyed it on the first day. Congratulations to all!

The end of August exodus is taking place. The President and his family went home, the Chilmark Community Center has finished for the season and school will begin soon. Plans for the Labor Day weekend are shaping up and we hope the good weather holds for the many reunions planned.

Tom Klimm hosted a reunion of some of his Barnstable High School friends last week at the family home that was Rasmus Klimm’s in Menemsha. His buddies Sully, Buzzy, Dennis, E.J. and the Puma enjoyed some old-time laughs and recollections. They also scored with a quick peek at the vacationing President. More memories for next year’s reunion.

Please remember that there will be primary voting on Sept. 9 at the community center.

The Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby will start on Sept. 14 at 12:01 a.m. And run through Oct. 18 at 10 p.m. The Kids Derby will be on Sept. 21 at the Oak Bluffs dock at 6 p.m. Save the dates!

Robert and Lily Vakili and their children Nicholas, Jane and Clair Ellis enjoyed their annual two-week visit to Middle Road coming from Montclair, N.J. They have been coming for 11 years and this year enjoyed the company of Reimer and Sue Mellin and their son Alex for their fist visit to Chilmark. I am always so pleased to meet people who have been coming for years and years to share our town for a few days or weeks every year. Their continued visits add to the pleasures of our summers with the continued brief meetings and greetings.

And back to the Obama family visit . . . last Wednesday on a beautiful morning six scullers set off from Quitsa Pond through the jetty and off along the north shore aiming, as they said, toward the Vineyard (I prefer Chilmark) White House. Before long they were challenged by some U.S. Coast Guard folk in an inflatable who used a hailer to tell them there was a 1,000 yard perimeter and to stop and turn the sculls around. Those enjoying the encounter were Ken Iscol, Kathy Kauff, MaryJo Meisner, Carl Tack, Monina Von Opel and Andy Anderson. Anyway, they were all pleasant and enjoyed the encounter!

The Chilmark library warns us that they will return to off-season hours on Sept. 2. The library will then close at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and be closed all day on Fridays and Sundays.

Ros Glazer’s family is gathering for the Labor Day weekend. Son Jacob and his wife Dalia and their children Solomon and Leah will be joined by daughter Hilary and her two boys, Sam and Isaac.

The ice bucket challenge continues to sweep through town. Have you been challenged yet? It is all to raise awareness and money for ALS, an illness that effects too many folks. The challenge was a great fundraising idea.

Best of luck to our college crowd who have already headed off to their off-Island lives. We are thinking of you.

And, how about an end-of-summer report on the Coast Guard boathouse? It is a busy place and much is changing. The building has sprouted dormers and the siding is appearing. Won’t be long now. The workers were lucky with the summer weather this year, and if all goes well they will miss the winter weather.

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