Jane T. Katch and Jerald A. Katch purchased land at 68 Bijas Way in Chilmark from Peter Silverman and Jane Katch for $210,000 on August 21.


Thomas A. Bartlett and Francesca A. Bartlett purchased 114 South Summer street in Edgartown from Joseph C. Pioggia and Belinda W. Pioggia for $2,320,000 on August 19.

6424N 10 LLC purchased 43 Crocker Drive in Edgartown from 7 Dunes Road LLC for $1,479,000 on August 19.

Malcolm W. Hall 2nd and Laurel C. Hall purchased 81 Martha’s Road in Edgartown from Sandra Raymond for $325,000 on August 18.

Brian G. Walshe and Sally F. Walshe purchased 108 Martha’s Road in Edgartown from Constantine B. O’Doherty for $1,250,000 on August 18.

Frank A. Delli Carpini and Catherine K. Delli Carpini purchased 11 Dunes Road in Edgartown from Richard A. Lankow and Barbara A. Lankow for $1,200,000 on August 21.

West Tisbury

Daniel J. Larkosh TRS, Charitsopher E. Larkosh, TRS, and Larkosh Realty Trust purchased parcel at 93 Dr. Fisher Road in West Tisbury from Melissa J. Manter for $50,000 on August 19.

Stephen C. Araujo purchased lot 1, Pine Hill Road in West Tisbury from Huseby Mountain Farm LLC for $300,000 on August 20.

Jarret E. Brissette purchased lot 2, State Road in West Tisbury from Christine A. Fisher for $525,000 on August 20.

Hilary Wall and Brian Cox purchased 43 Trotters Lane in West Tisbury from Arthur R. Hitchings 3rd and Julie M. Hitchings for $535,500 on August 19.