I think Mother Nature forgot to look at her calendar because she has her months confused, cool and breezy in August and nice sleeping nights. September we have hazy, hot and humid. Somebody please straighten her out.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Lyle Lemieux and Ruby Mercier who celebrated their day August 30.

Labor Day came and went and so did the crowds. The Stop & Shop has quieted down, I went in Wednesday morning and there was only one checkout person. You can get out of streets; I even got a parking space on Main street. It all sounds good, but it is also a let-down as we do enjoy our summer residents who have been friends for many years.

This is the time of year I enjoy my street. The school is starting to stir, even though the news media used it as their base when the President was here. The familiar cars are going by in the morning and the mowing has been done, the street sweeper has been by and the next step is the school buses in the parking lot.

Following Facebook has been an easy way to keep up with family and friends. This month I have been seeing smiling kids with parents with a tear in their eye as they drop them off at their first year of college. I have seen kids cry and parents smiling as they drop them off in their second year. It certainly is a roller coaster ride, but the reality is that these children grow up so fast.

Even the kids going to high school just keep getting younger and younger. One of my friend’s daughters is going for her learners’ permit for driving. I remember when I got mine and I was a much older 16, or so I thought I was. I guess they just look younger.

Once again I find how much we take our Island for granted. Sunday morning Scott, my young British man, asked if we could go get a coffee since his only transportation is a bike. I introduced him to Edgartown Meat and Fish coffee a month ago with all the coffees they offer and he loves to go there whenever we get a chance. So, we went up to get a coffee and threw in a bagel. He asked, “Do you want to eat here on the tables outside?” But I told him I had a better idea.

So we went to the Bend in the Road and sat at a table on the beach and enjoyed the view around us.

He looked around and said he had never been up here, and then proceeded to tell me why he was up so early (10 a.m.). The girls that he worked with all summer were from Scotland and Wales and they were leaving Monday for a tour of the West Coast before they went back, so they decided to jump off the famous diving bridge that went into the waters where Jaws was filmed.

I told him to look across the street at the bike path, and told him that he had just been up here this morning. He looked at me and said, “Oh, yes, but it looked much different from the other side.” Oh, how I will miss him when he leaves.

By the time you read this column school will have started, so please drive carefully and watch for the little ones going to school on the bike path either walking or riding their bike.

Feel free to call or email me if you have done something special over the summer that our readers would like to hear. It may make someone smile.

Have a great week and keep the home candle burning.

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