Well, we enjoyed a very nice Labor Day weekend — the unofficial end of the summer season. Cookouts and outdoor activities, including the beach, were the order of the day. Business at the Dumptique was brisk as a fair amount of people were dropping off items they enjoyed over the summer but no longer needed, and signs advertising yard and garage sales were numerous. It was a perfect opportunity to clean up the yard and perform other outdoor chores. Most college students have returned to their respective colleges and are settling in. Activity around the school has increased dramatically as teachers returned to work and school opened yesterday. Also, school buses are now on the road so be prepared stop when you see red flashing lights when the driver is about to put out the stop sign. Lifeguards are no longer stationed at Lambert’s Cove Beach.

A sure sign of fall is the start of the Annual Bass and Bluefish Derby next Sunday. Joyce Bowker, director of the Council on Aging, reports that the “fresh fish schedule” at the Howes House will be on Thursday’s all during the Derby. Please call 508-693-2896 after 10 a.m. that day and the staff will know the amount of fish that will be distributed to the senior citizens in the up-Island towns.

Jim Coyne of Music street reports that their daughter Kate and her husband Ryan Coyle will be winding up their stay with them on Monday. They celebrated their wedding anniversary in style, and he did a good job taking care of their twin 2-year-old sons Ryan and James.

Sig VanRann and his wife Susan Dickler of Music street hosted a dinner party for Sig’s daughter Sofia on Sunday.

Paul Karasik reports that he has a cartoon in the latest issue of the New Yorker magazine. Check it out.

Dianthe Eisendrath reports that Labor Day weekend was the grand occasion for a cousins’ party with many of the Kuh relatives who live on the Island. There was lots of chatter and catching up among the generations. The youngest were Ava and James Eisendrath. Keeping track of them were Marisa Miller and big sister Isis Burt. The Greenbaums (Anne Barry and Dan) and the Eisendraths were the senior citizens, with lots of wonderful cousins in the mix. Among them were Jessica and Dave Miller, Sarah Kuh and Chas de Geofroy, Cathy Thompson Wood and Jeremy Wood, Dave and Colleen Burt, Noah Eisendrath, and Patience and Matthew Eisendrath. An almost cousin Holly Hodder Eger stopped by with daughters Julia and Kate and son William to help set up. A grand way to wind up another August!

Tara Whiting, town clerk, reports that the state primary to select nominees from both political parties that will run for state-wide offices and congressmen in November will be held on Tuesday. The polls over at the public safety building will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can still vote absentee until Monday afternoon if you give her a call at 508-696-0148.

On Sept. 2, 2008, Will Monast, contractor in charge of the Frank Adams restoration project, reported that the old place was taking on a new life of its own, while the exterior remained virtually unchanged. Over 20 tons of old wood, bricks, stones and insulation were removed. He reported that the corner had been turned and reconstruction work would start. He continued to find small things: a high button shoe, galoshes and newspapers. He found the Feb. 23, 1943 edition of the Boston Herald with the address label intact: Frank Adams, P.O. Box 35. Mr. Adams, it was learned from old notes, listened to the radio every night while he did a fair amount of carving, and one of his favorite programs was Fibber McGee and Molly.

Happy birthday to Diane Jetmond, Gloria Sylva, Perry Dripps, Heidi BenDavid and Tucker Smith today; Sig VanRann, Mark Kiley, Laura Marshall, Melissa Hackney and Cheryl Larsen tomorrow; Barbara Hull, Nancy Cramer, Ismael Calixto and Iwan Tol on Sunday; Dan Larkosh, Elizabeth Pickett Gray, Harry Athearn, Pat McMahon and Brian Hairston on Monday; Ben Sweet, Joanne Rice, Susan Bowen and Owen Jones on Tuesday; Dan Larsen, Craig Stewart, Scott Campbell, Jim Branch and Peter Clark on Wednesday, and Bob Holt, Ann Evasick, Maria McFarland, Ryan Rossi and Paul Schneider on Thursday. Anniversary greetings to Dan and Candace Widmer and Pierce and Bernice Kirby on Tuesday, and to Danny and Cheryl Metell on Wednesday. Belated birthday wishes to Mary Lu Hough and Bob Pacheco. Belated wedding anniversary greetings to Matthew and Stacy Hayden, Claire Harrington and Ed Mossy, and Molly and Ryan Hooper.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. If you have any news please call or email me. Have a great week.

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