Chilmark has gone fishin’. . . the weather is good and the fish are running. Lots of fishermen line the jetties and small boats are out. The bonito are biting as well as the false albacore and, if you are lucky, a bluefish or a bass might be your catch. So much excitement is fun to watch . . . as close as I get to the sport!

It has been another week of really grand weather. It's the time of year to stop and sniff the air and be happy to be on an island. At least that’s what I do! It was another weekend of marriages, with tents up in many scenic locations around town. Cheers to all.

Hard news is a little short this week. The locals are too busy picking the last of the tomatoes and finding time to go fishing. The businesses across town are all open, some with shorter weekday hours but the food offerings are the same and available for long weekends. Chilmark Chocolates will also be open from Thursdays to Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please note that there will be a special town meeting on Oct. 20 at the Chilmark Community Center beginning at 7:30 p.m. Be sure to come out to voice your opinion on whatever town matters are up for a vote.

Kai Nalenz of Gravestone Services of New England in Bedford, N.H., was in town this week for four days. He was employed by the Cemetery Commissioners and the Chilmark Historical Commission to repair some of the historic slate gravestones at the Abel’s Hill Cemetery. He worked for four days and repaired 35 stones. The slate stones have had lead covers on them for many years, Kai has sealed the slate so that the covers can be removed. It is always a nice feeling to know that you have helped put off the inevitable a while longer! They should last for another 50 to a hundred years we hope.

Chilmark welcomes Amanda Haverkamp to U.S. Coast Guard Station Menemsha. She comes originally from Kansas City, and is new to New England and to the USCG. This is her first duty station as she enlisted in June 2014. She attended the University of South Florida. We hope she is finding her way around town and meeting some of the locals and feeling welcome.

Adam Moore of Sheriff’s Meadow reports that work is going along on the restoration of the Mayhew Mitchell house at Quansoo. He will be happy to show any interested folks around. Give him a call.

I hope Ruby Iantosca is like the rest of us and doesn’t mind when her birthday is put off a week — don’t we wish — anyway, cheers to Ruby who celebrated in grand style last weekend at the family home in Wooton Bassett. She celebrated a significant birthday on Saturday and on Sept. 15 she and Paul celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. The weekend weather was grand, the full moon was for them and many friends and family came for the multi-celebration. Arlen Roth of Aquinnah and his band played and guests came from as far away as Iceland. Cheers to Ruby and Paul from us all!

The Chilmark library is displaying photographs by Hilary Noyes-Keene this month. The show may be seen during regular library hours until Oct. 2.

A word to the drivers passing through Beetlebung Corner: there are three young deer living in that area of town and they repeatedly cross the road at the corner in a rapid and haphazard manner; please don’t hit them. They appear to be triplets. Some of us have been able to photograph them, but the one that brought me to a quick stop last night was moving too fast to photograph!

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