Chilmark is wet today as I write, the loud sound of rain falling on the roof is surprisingly very pleasant. I am sure the gardeners are rejoicing too. I imagine that I can hear the rustle of underground roots reaching out for the wet!

We all send best wishes to Elmore Bud Mayhew who is currently at Massachusetts General Hospital. His son, Davey, of Ohio, is with him. We also send best wishes to Bud’s wife Vonda who is at home with a broken bone in her foot. We all hope that they both mend quickly.

Bill Vincent of New York is enjoying a fall visit to his South Road home. The fall chores will get done when the rains stop!

There is still time to register for any of the adult education classes coming up this season. The classes start on Oct. 6 and registering on the first day of class incurs a late fee. You may register online at or call ACE MV at 508-693-9222 for registration information.

Barbara Lee, Chilmark seasonal resident and a longtime worker on behalf of women’s role in government, was featured in an article in the Boston Globe newspaper this week past. She has been actively working and to date, she has worked on the elections of 122 women in 30 states. She has worked for the campaigns of every sitting Democratic woman governor and senator. Cheers from us all, Barbara, for your tireless work.

The West Tisbury library will host a free dedication concert at the library at 4 p.m. on Oct. 12. The music will be presented by Delores Stevens and Maria Newman of the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society.

Nab’s Corner has been in the news lately. We have always called the bend in South Road by that name, but few of us know why! One reference tells us that Nabs was the nickname of Abigail Dunham, who in the 1700s lived alone in her wigwam on South Road at the juncture of Chilmark and West Tisbury. The famous singing sisters, Lucy and Sarah Adams, lived across South Road from Nab’s Corner. If you know more or where to look for more information about that local, please share with me. The new affordable housing lots are at Nab’s Corner.

Another Chilmark location with the unusual name of Brown Bread Hill is supposedly on the north shore somewhere, but I don’t have any more information than the name. If you can help, please do.

A word to the wise — Cycle Martha’s Vineyard will be having an all-Island bike ride on Oct. 4. The event is sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Rotary Club and the money raised will go to the Save the Lighthouse fund as well as other Island charities.

The Yard is having their last fundraising effort of 2014. They have had a most successful year with programs for young and old of all dance interests. If you wish to help, please contact The Yard at 508-645-9662 or visit

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