Chilmarkers have quickly shed their summer personas and are now busy with the winter ones. That is the role so many of them play in the government of the town. The town hall is bursting with activity and there are many meetings daily that are well attended by many members of the various committees and commissions that run the town. The summer fishermen, farmers, retail purveyors, food vendors and much more are now sitting down with each other to direct the activities of the town. It is an old-fashioned way of doing things, but Chilmark folk seem to relish the opportunity. Drop in to town hall someday and note the many meetings occurring each week. The miraculous part of it is that all these citizens are volunteers and, with the help of some hired talent, manage to keep us going. This Monday past more than 80 folks came out to the special town meeting to approve some financial matters, and now everything is being done with the annual town meeting in April as the goal. Visit town hall someday and consider becoming a volunteer.

The leaves of the trees are not the only things turning color these days. The unfinished U.S. Coast Guard boathouse now has a bright red roof. Something familiar at last.

The mild fall weather may be turning to more normal temperatures with a nor’easter promised for this weekend. The extended mild weather has allowed some construction projects to move along. There are new buildings and a number of repairs going on behind the lush foliage that still exists. When the leaves fall, we will have a better view of the happenings!

The extended Armstrong, Morgan and Kent families had a glorious day last Saturday for the wedding of Colin Ruel and Nettie Kent on the lawn of Colin’s mother, Barbara Armstrong’s house on Creek Hill. Colin is the grandson of James and Roberta Morgan who were in attendance as were many family members. John Alley performed the wedding celebrated by the gathering in the bright sunshine overlooking Menemsha. We all send best wishes and cheers to all! The couple will live in Brooklyn, where both are involved in the arts.

Facebook tells us that Wendy Weldon spent a recent week in Cuba. We hope there are some stories forthcoming.

Charles and Lucille Plotz have returned to their Brooklyn home after celebrating their 45th summer at their Flanders Lane home. The season was marred by an unfortunate accident. Charles fell, fracturing his left femur in two places, including his hip. He was repaired at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and then had a month of rehabilitation there. He reports that the physical and occupational therapy was extraordinarily good and he is now getting about using a cane. Most of all, he is looking forward to the spring when they will return to Chilmark.

Tomorrow there will be a program at the Chilmark library at 1 p.m. Internet security expert Greg Page will tell us Who’s Tracking You Online? The Quiet “Big Data Revolution.” The Friends of the Chilmark Library are sponsoring the program and all are invited at no charge.

The Chilmark library invites us all to their Wednesday evening program on Oct. 29 at 5 p.m. Johanna Wooden will take us on a photographic tour of southeast Asia, where she has traveled and lived for a number of years. All are welcome and admission is free.

If you are bored with things in Chilmark, please check out the Featherstone Center for the Arts website at and find out what’s going on there.

Remember to mark your calendars for the state elections on Nov. 4 at the Chilmark Community Center from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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