Did you miss me last week? I certainly missed you. Time to catch up on some of the information I learned during my brief hiatus.

As you all know, if you want any news about any of our towns just go visit your friends at Windemere. I had a lovely time talking to Anna Duarte last Monday. Remember the old days when we had pen pals not Facebook friends? Anna had a very good Irish friend she wrote to constantly. Her friend saved all the letters in her home in Ireland. She recently passed away. Her grown children came upon the letters and nothing would do but to prepare a surprise visit — and their first visit to the United States — to meet Anna. Anna was overwhelmed. As the friends had never been on the Vineyard, Anna directed them to visit Aquinnah and take in the sights there. They had a beautiful day for discovering the Island and their mom’s friend Anna.

Our adult and community education program still has some terrific courses available that have not yet begun. You may view the courses and preregister online at acemv.org or call 508-693-9222. Among the available offerings are Nancy Slonim Aronie’s workshop, Writing from the Heart, and the Yoga Barn’s determination to train more yoga instructors. Take advantage while you can.

Harry Seymour is the featured painter at Art in the Stacks at our Vineyard Haven Public Library. His works are on display during regular library hours. This always beautiful monthly event is presented by the Friends of the VHPL. Harry’s work includes pastels, scratch board and egg tempera. His theme draws on Martha’s Vineyard and his African American experience. The hospital and our library are two of the best art museums on the Cape and Islands, I kid you not.

Confidential to Lyn K: Nonna is engrossed in the Blanche Weisen Cook biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. I am reading 102 Minutes, the true story of survivors who escaped the World Trade Center disaster in 2001. It is sad but affirming in the heroism and kindness exhibited by people in an extraordinary situation.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Steve Lampart, Kim Glodis and Silvio and Lil’Bit Gardella today. My babies are 10 years old! October 25 honors Tom Snow, Sean DeBettencourt and Miss Dolly Campbell. October 26 is a party for Max Eagan, Heidi Smith and Bridget Slomka. October 27 shines on Julia Gomez-Blanco and Fernando Almeida. October 28 belongs to Corliss Maciel, John Rancourt and Shawna Amaral. And, on Oct. 29, Lil Colligan and James Norton Sr. take the cake. Many happy returns.

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