As the leaves fall and the woods open up, my neighbor’s lights are once again twinkling through the trees. I have a feel for what’s occupying the inhabitants, such as which ones are more likely to be reading than watching TV. I see who turns in early and who stays up as late as I do. I know that some homes across Chappy are quieter now with the departure of grown children. In many instances I remember the days when those couples were first setting up house. From the perspective of the present looking back, those were such simple days. Then babies arrived and the whole focus of a household changed followed by years of parents constantly adjusting their priorities to accommodate the needs of their youngsters. I remember thinking then that I would never get a full night’s sleep again. Now a few decades have flown by and some households are down to just two again. There is such a wide spectrum of feelings that parents experience. I know also that even though they may feel relief to regain freedoms of their pre-offspring-lives, every conversation eventually gets around to what the kids are up to.

The next potluck dinner at the CCC is on Wednesday Nov. 19 hosted by Martha Weston and Pedro Baez. Appetizers begin at 6 p.m., with the dinner bell ringing at 6:30. Please bring enough of your chosen dish to serve half a dozen. Remember that the ferry captain appreciation dinner is on Wednesday, Dec. 3. Of all the CCC dinners, this one boasts the highest turnout. Folks like the chance to talk to a ferry captain or deckhand for more than the usual 55 seconds and to thank them for their dedication.

The 2015 CCC calendars will go on sale at the CCC Thanksgiving Open House on Saturday, Nov. 29. Join your neighbors for cookies and warm cider and get your holiday shopping off to a good start with crafts by local artisans. If you need to get your calendar by mail, print the form from the CCC website. As of midweek the giving for the CCC 25th anniversary matching fund stands at $22,343. The deadline to reach $25,000 is Dec. 31. Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by our anonymous donor.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get rid of icky stuff at the household hazardous waste collection at the Edgartown transfer station on Saturday, Nov. 15 between 9 a.m. and noon. Intact fluorescent bulbs are always accepted during regular hours.

The On Time II finally made it to Vineyard Haven last week and its rendezvous with the refurbished Packer Marine Railway carriage. The Coast Guard inspectors ran a fine-toothed comb over her on Monday. With all the projects big and small, she will be absent all of November.

You won’t be hearing any more campaigning for bringing Comcast to Chappy after Dec. 19. That’s the final extended deadline for signing up. Even though Comcast has been so innovative in their insistence that we pay for the installation of the infrastructure, surprisingly they have indicated that for most, the hook up to your house is at no additional cost. If you decide later to join up, along with the $2,139 up-front fee, you may be stuck with the additional cost of getting the cable from the road to your house. By bundling services, you will make up the fee in just a few years all the while enjoying a high-speed connection. I advise against waiting until the last minute to get your check turned in. Your best bet is to give it directly to Pam Dolby in the selectman’s office. Call 774-310-1020 or email

I noticed a rusty boat trailer abandoned next to the entrance to Caleb’s Pond Road. There’s really no need for that. Dick Dimond will haul away old cars and trailers for free. You have to remove the trees growing up through the floorboards, but if it still resembles a motor vehicle and he can hook a winch cable to it, he’s happy to take it off your hands. Won’t your wife and your neighbors be happy! Call Dick at 508-627-7060.

Speaking of deadlines; if you want to get a turkey from Slipaway Farm let them know by Saturday, Nov. 15. Call the farm at 508-627-7465. Pick up will be on Wednesday the 26th. You won’t need to thaw it out because it will be fresh off the free range.

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