And I thought nothing terribly noteworthy would transpire during the days between Christmas and New Year’s. Well, I was proven terribly, terribly wrong. Are you wondering what on earth I am finding so darn exciting? Let me blurt it out — Denny Jason and Jesse Keller are engaged! Many of us have watched Denny grow up on the water in Menemsha. He has taken over duty fishing the quintessential dragger Little Lady. In the summertime, you see him tied up along the commercial dock unloading fluke. In the wintertime, you see him scalloping. He is the son of Dennis Jason and Polly McDowell. Jesse hails from Ohio but has made a name for herself as the dance program director at The Yard. Jesse, daughter of Laurie and Gary, is a beautiful dancer and many of the Chilmark schoolchildren have come to adore her for her ability to interpret and teach the traditional May Pole dance.

Another dose of excitement comes from Alysse Fischer and Dan Doty. Alysse, daughter of Bari and Doug Fischer and granddaughter to Rena, announced her engagement to Dan. The happy couple has recently relocated to Bozeman, Mont.

Holly (Jenkinson) Bario and children Emma and Peter swooped in from their California home to visit with Holly’s folks, Joannie and Pat. Catching up with brother Patrick Jenkinson and nephew Wyatt certainly topped the list of things to do while in town. Since this is a Joannie-driven mini-vacation, a few moments here and there to check on Rocky, the Mill Pond cygnet, was certainly worked into the schedule. Rocky, who was injured this past summer likely by a turtle, is doing quite well these days.

Chelsea Maida is in town for two weeks visiting her grandmother Margaret. She travelled from Citra, Fla., which happens to be home of the pineapple orange, to enjoy a little dose of New England winter.

Ava Stearns, daughter of Bret and Sarah Doyle, has her trunk all packed in preparation for the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival based in Wellington, Fla. This is an equestrian festival like no other that runs from Jan. 7 through March 29. Ava, as always, will exhibit grace under pressure.

The Keene clan has made its way back home from a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colo. John, Hillary (Noyes), Adelaide, Thea, Ella and Lathrop went west for Christmas to get some love from grandparents Ann and Hal Noyes. Some fun with cousins and the Keefe family also took up some of their time. Craig, Lori, Quinn, Allie and Grady Keefe, who make Chilmark their summer home, rest their heads in Steamboat from October to June. What fun to reconnect in the off-season. Eric, Molly, Noah and Jakie Glasgow went north to Stowe, Vt., to seek out a little fresh powder — in ski slang this is known as being a “powder hound.” The Zack/Bacon family, Zack, Patricia, Atlas, Sam and Fletcher, took the long way to Patricia’s father’s 85th birthday celebration in Rhode Island and joined the Glasgows in Stowe for a couple of days.

Marshall and Brooks Carroll rallied to Gillette Stadium this past Sunday for the Patriots vs. Bills game. Although the Pats couldn’t pull off a win, Brooks had a truly memorable time and managed to acquire a few autographs. My guys bumped into Atlas and his dad Zack at, of all places, Bass Pro Shops. That father-son team was at the game, too. As they say, it’s a small world.

A thank you shout out goes to Everett Poole. He pulled off his well lit, cheery tree outside of his chandlery. Adorned with a bright red buoy lobster at the top and colorful buoys ornamenting its entire facade, this tree — now an annual tradition — makes me smile each time I drive by.

Chris MacLeod, our dear friend who managed to defy all odds and pull through a traumatic cardiac arrest event this past June, has made another trip to Boston. He underwent bypass surgery and had a valve replaced this past week. When I spoke with him a few days ago, he wasn’t too keen on the idea of open heart surgery. However, when you have two kids, an amazing wife and loving extended family (and really irritating friends who constantly check on you) you listen to your cardiologist and do what you have to do. Tentative plans are to have him home with Hope (Murphy), Finnegan and Linden at their Murphy’s Road home sometime next week. Keep them in your thoughts, please.

Condolences to Sarah (Guinan), Bob, Bobby, Maggie and Jack Nixon, Kathleen Guinan and their extended families of Menemsha and Washington, D.C., on the passing of Sarah’s father, Ed Guinan. A celebration of Ed’s life was held on Tuesday at Holy Trinity Church in Washington, D.C.

Whether it was that glitzy party, a feel-good potluck with friends, a movie and popcorn on the couch or an early to bed night nestled under a fluffy down comforter, I hope you all enjoyed ringing in the New Year. May the year 2015 bring you happiness, love of life, a sense of adventure and enlightening experiences surrounded by family and good friends.

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