Gossip has reached my ears that Bart Heywood has tied the knot. I wouldn’t want to besmirch the bride’s good name by mentioning it in this column, but I hear that she’s a Cottage street gal, Edgartown that is. My sources indicate that it was a pretty dressy affair with the groom in a tux. As I am a mere columnist rather than an investigative reporter, facts are not a high priority for me. I have the luxury of using my imagination when it comes to what the bride wore. I’ve known Bart since his days as a lifeguard at the Chappy Beach Club. My mother insisted that I get formal sailing lessons before she would turn me loose on our newly acquired Sailfish. So Bart and I were paired up for a few days on a Sunfish. I can’t imagine that it was much fun for him, but he suffered through it and I still recall a few pieces of advice that he gave me. But I digress. I have in my head an image of the bride in a flowing white gown. Above her head floats a halo. What else would an angel wear? Lucky Bart. I heard that sister Annie was also present, but I will leave it to Brad to fill you in on the rest of the details next week since he is actually related to that crew.

For those of you who are forced to spend the winter months away from Chappy, let me tell you that the fall and early winter have been delightful. It’s been a little breezy now and then but the weather has been mostly balmy with freezing temperatures lasting more than a day arriving just this week. We have been treated to the fluffiest of snowfalls. Turns out that only an inch of light snow is necessary to convert the countryside to a winter wonderland, hiding all of the little distractions.

Potlucks will continue through spring on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Stand-up comparative conversation begins over appetizers at 6 p.m. with sit-down earnest dinner discussion a half hour later. If you aren’t there you leave us no choice but to speculate about what activity you must be engaged in which keeps you from joining us. With 10 more potlucks to go, the schedule is wide open for hosts to sign up. I see that Tom and Joann Tilghman have already grabbed that coveted last dinner of the season. Call Lynn at 508-627-8222 or put your name in the little book at the next dinner. Have you seen the 2015 CCC calendar? I’m not one to brag, but the incredible January photograph makes me feel that February will arrive way too soon.

Chappaquiddickers Peter and Melissa Sliwkowski have sealed their fates. They have purchased Larry’s Tackle Shop, which though it may be a ways inland, it is still all about fish. I remember years ago when the shop was in a tiny little shed down on the waterfront right about where the old Chappy Ferry marine railway is located. As kids, my brothers and I would go there at the start of every summer to buy drop lines and frozen squid. When we were older and had graduated to lures, that’s where we got our first fishing rods from Ruthie Burnham. I wish the new owners every success. Now they can stay on Chappy year round.

A full obituary will appear elsewhere in the Gazette for Oliver D. Filley Jr. who passed away the day after Christmas after 91 years of a very full life. As my friend Woody said, “He had a good run.” When I think of North Neck or drive from the Dike Bridge to the jetties, I think "Filley." My conversations with O.D. were always a pleasure. He would start by asking me what I had been working on lately. Whether it was land surveying or ferry boats, he would listen intently and then ask a few very informed questions, which gave me the feeling that he was just as familiar with the subject as I was. Then he would elaborate on some ideas that he had been mulling over in his head that he thought would streamline the process and increase the utility of the type of work I had been engaged in. He was energizing in an easygoing way. I know of the accomplishments of several of his children and grandchildren. Their resumes have “inspired by O.D. Filley” written all over them.

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