Bradly Smith and Mylan Lam purchased 4 Oxcart Road in Aquinnah from Deborah Walker for $609,000 on Jan. 8.


John C. Wilmot and Nicole Francis purchased Brickyard Road in Chilmark from Great Rock Bight LP, Great Field Nominee Trust and Kendall P. Harris TRS for $687,000 on Jan. 9.

Jeffrey F. Peters and Christina S. Peters purchased Black Point Beach lot in Chilmark from Susan B. Whiting, TRS, William A. Oates Jr., TRS, John W. M. Whiting Non-Exempt Family Fund for $312,500 on Jan. 9.

Michael Shanahan and Yelena Burdan purchased 15 Periwinkle Lane in Chilmark from Richard S. Treitman and Louise Egbert Treitman for $880,000 on Jan. 6.


CHM Real Property LLC purchased 18 Dunham Road in Edgartown from Frederick L. Buehler and Judith C. Buehler for $3,200,000 on Jan. 6.

Mariners Property LLC purchased Mariners Landing lot 3 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road in Edgartown from Convery and Associates LTD for $750,000 on Jan. 8.

Todd C. Davis and Linda W. Davis purchased 24 Caleb Pond Road in Edgartown from Barbara Anwyl Bates for $3,478,125 on Jan. 9.

Oak Bluffs

Sean T. Mansfield and Kathleen F. Mansfield purchased 4 Nahomon street in Oak Bluffs from Charles F. Mansfield and Patricia M. Mansfield for $412,500 on Jan. 7.

Jed A. Hellstrom and Linda Hellstrom purchased 30 Martha’s Park Road in Oak Bluffs from Sanford H. Low TRS, and Purplex II Nominee Trust for $710,000 on Jan. 8.

Vineyard Haven

Diana Smith purchased Main street lot in Vineyard Haven from Thalasa Investors LLC for $509,250 on Jan. 6.

Evan C. Denhart purchased undivided 49 per cent interest at 303 Bigelow Road in Vineyard Haven from Simeon J. Denhart-Holzer TRS and Simeon J. Denhart-Holzer Investment Trust for $416,500 on Jan. 7.

West Tisbury

William David Abraham and Sharon Starzynski-Abraham purchased 60 Pepperbush Way in West Tisbury from Blue Sky LLC for $430,000 on Jan. 5.

John E. Keene and Hillary A. Noyes-Keene purchased 100 Old Holmes Hole Road in West Tisbury from Toro Farm LLC for $380,000 on Jan. 6.