After 25 years, Daisy Kimberly’s Alley Cat is about to sound its last purr as the eclectic Main street boutique in Vineyard Haven is set to close.

Citing what she calls “a lot of coincidences colliding,” Mrs. Kimberly said the store will close its doors for good on Jan. 31. Until then, friends old and new are stopping by to check out the 50 per cent off sale that will continue until closing day.

As for the future, there’s a meditation retreat she’s wanted to get to for years, visits to see family and friends and the opportunity to take time to see what the next phase of her life has to offer. “I’m looking forward to going off-Island between April and October if I want,” Mrs. Kimberly said.

Window display has long been a staple of Main street. — Ivy Ashe

For years she’s traveled to New York each winter in search of creative pieces and signature footwear that is both easy on the eyes and comfortable to put on. Her finds have made Alley Cat a unique boutique.

“When you have a store like this it assumes a life of its own,” Mrs. Kimberly said.

The store never felt like a business, she said, but more of a clubhouse. Her longtime — sometimes part time, sometimes more time — store assistant Toni Cohen added, “People leave here elated, really happy, like they’ve been nurtured. They look great and that has been the most satisfying part.”

Keeping the clothing and accessories fresh has been a challenge over the years, Mrs. Kimberly admitted.

“I believe in a combination of comfort and beauty, and it’s been a real chore to keep it exclusive so you won’t see the same thing everywhere on the Island. Staying original on the Island is a challenge.”

Shirts that buck the trends and pants styled for a night out or a day at the stables fill the racks of the small retail store. The vibe inside is warm and lends itself to easy conversation. Regular customers are dropping by once they hear the news about the store closing.

Fifty per cent off sale now until closing day, Jan. 31. — Ivy Ashe

“What am I going to do for my September wedding?” one customer asked on a recent morning. “I’m just devastated.”

“Let’s go shopping together and you can buy me lunch,” Mrs. Kimberly responded.

Designing and creating the window display that faces Main street has been a real treat for her, Mrs. Kimberly said. She has clothed the mannequin in the window with everything from newspapers to rubber gloves to hangars.

“I’ve never done ordinary. If you’re looking for a plain white T-shirt, you won’t find it here,” Mrs. Kimberly said.

Memories include outfitting some famous and not so famous clients, as well as building relationships with employees who hailed from as far away as Mongolia and Bulgaria. Some of the seasonal employees stayed on the Island while others moved on, although many have stayed in touch.

Mrs. Kimberly’s history on the Island is original in itself. She has lived here since 1974, trying out every town but Edgartown over the years. She and her husband Bob live in West Tisbury, their days of living in a tipi on the Great Pond behind them for now. She has a cartoon in Martha’s Vineyard Comics and Stories, circa 1989, which describes her family’s first summer spent on-Island. She wrote about rain-soaked days and pulling poison ivy from around their campsite. “Nevertheless, on most days we knew that nothing could be finer than the way were spending our summer,” she also wrote.

As for this summer, Mrs. Kimberly said she will wait for the dust to settle before she decides on a particular path.

“Maybe we could rent our house, we’ve never done that,” she said. “I want to take time to see what feels right. This whole decision felt right. Of all the books I’ve read about people reinventing themselves, it never occurred to me it could apply to me. I’m excited, a little nervous because I’ll have to work, but excited.”

Alley Cat will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day but Sunday until Jan. 31.