What can one say about this crazy weather? One day you are unfreezing your car and the next day you are opening the windows because it is so warm. Now, they are predicting snow or freezing rain. We will see what Mother Nature is dreaming up next.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Gabryal Brooks, Tyler Grasing and Jonathan Medeiros, who all celebrated Jan. 17; William Thornton, Jan. 18; Neveaha Jackson, Jan. 19; Kayo De Oliveira and Dylan Mahoney, Jan. 20; Autumn Donnelly, Jan. 23, and to Kylie Fauteux who celebrates her day on  Jan. 24.

Special birthday wishes go out to Vada Pricilla Church who turned one on Jan. 4. Vada was also christened on Jan. 11 at the West Tisbury Congregational Church, and afterwards combined the birthday and christening party. Vada’s parents are Robyn and Adam Church. Congratulations to all.

Welcome home to Marge Look who, after four months of rehab after having a stroke, is now back in her own home. Her kids have been around every day and I know she is being well cared for and I can’t wait to go see her, but I want her to be settled. It is hard to get news when the only thing that is the big subject (well, maybe I’m exaggerating) is football. Even though Green Bay was our hope, we have the Seahawks. Then we have the Pats who played their hearts out and won. So, now on to the Super Bowl, and I am looking forward to the game.

I have told you in my past columns that I have been fighting this cold that everyone has. I was in the emergency room for 10 hours on Monday with a fever and with me in the other rooms were 12 more patients with the same thing, from the elderly man down the hall to the nine to 10-month-old baby with the flu. I am writing this because with all the people who have had this terrible flu, I urge all of you to take care of yourselves. Please be mindful when you cough or sneeze; I know some people don’t like to use Germ-X or Purell, but please use it this time of year, especially in stores on the shopping carts.

Okay, I’m through with my lecture. Let’s just keep healthy, please. Besides, I can’t report any news from the inside of the hospital because we are behind curtains and it is hard to hear anything with all the bells ringing.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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