The National Weather Service used the word “crippling” and the phrase “potentially historic” to describe the storm that impacted our area earlier this week. After a description like that I am feeling thankful to be here relatively unscathed. Many thanks to our highway department Keith Emin’s trusty crew of snow plowers for clearing our town roadways.

Jay Lagemann managed to sneak out before the snow really started to fall. He boarded a 16-hour flight bound for Hong Kong.

Emily Boyd, daughter to Mary (Murphy) and Jonathan, ventured off-Island this past weekend with her teammates from Island Gymnastics. The gang went to the Hall of Fame Classic in Andover. Emily’s group, referred to as the bronze team, took to the gym early and were very pleased with their performances. Emily was especially proud of her floor and bar routines and, despite a fall from the balance beam, she dusted herself off and got right back up to complete it. Emily came home with a trophy to add to her collection.

Also in the competitive world of sports, the following story is just in from Wellington, Fla. Thirteen year old Ava Stearns, daughter of Bret and Sarah Doyle, finished second in the Platinum Performance USEF Talent Search. Ava, one of the youngest riders in the 3 feet, 6 inches (height of the fences) equitation class totally rocked it riding Come Alive. Ava will continue to ride at the 12-week Winter Equestrian Festival.

Mike Broderick, second eldest son of Steve and Emily, and his bride Mary McConneloug are also on an athletic adventure. The dynamic duo set off for South America a couple of weeks ago to participate in the Trans Andes Challenge. Known as “The Epic Mountain Bike Race,” this extreme race traverses through some rugged terrain in Patagonia, Chile. Their first ride of the six-day competition was Monday.

I guess I am on a moving and grooving theme here as the next topic I will mention is the awesome kids dance class that Jesse Keller of The Yard has organized for the kiddos of the Chilmark School. It’s a bit of a spin-off from the Making It: Kids Make Dance program being held at the Y. I got the lowdown from my third grader niece, Oona Carroll. Oona described the hour-long after school class as “really fun” because Jesse is really nice and a lot of her friends are participating with her. Some of the other kids enjoying the class are Grazina Biskis, Clara and Zeb Athearn, Katalena Hume, Katherine and Elizabeth Chvatal, and Yossi Monahan and Laina Benoit.

The Chilmark School PTO/Outing Program fundraiser this past weekend was a great excuse for folks to get out of the house. The slick roadways did not deter many from showing their support and enjoying Mike Benjamin’s music. Also rocking the stage was Pinto Abrams. Spotted on the dance floor were, among others, Hillary Noyes-Keene, Molly Glasgow, Patricia Bacon, Susan Goldsmith, Noni Smith, Rebekah and Joshua Thomson, Lauren Giglio, Robin Smith and Jimmy Hickey, Alicia Knight, Robin Robinson, Alexandra Taylor, Isaac and Noli Taylor, Jessica Holtham, Ellen Biskis and Carl Crocker. Under a room full of twinkling lights, a fun night was had by all.

Have you tried Mermaid Farm’s Nobska raw milk hard cheese yet? According to Allen Healy and Caitlin Jones, it is creamy, melts great, tastes great and holds its own on a cheese platter. It sounds like this would be a welcome addition to the next potluck dinner you attend, or, perhaps, a Super Bowl party. Nobska is available at their farm stand on Middle Road, along with a great assortment of dairy and meat products: milk, yogurt, mango, coffee and blueberry lassis, beef and lamb.

I hope Bill Smith will be up to watching the Pats vs. Seahawks this Sunday. He is home recuperating from last week’s back surgery at Cape Cod Hospital. May you be out and about in no time, Bill.

I’d like to extend my condolences to the family of Dan Balaban, a seasonal resident of the Crossroad. Dan passed away on Jan. 24 at the age of 93. According to his daughter in law Susan, he could be found listed in the dictionary under the words: genuine, interested, uncommon, unhurried, inclusive, warmhearted, mystical and poetic.

Friday marks the day that great-grandma Bette Carroll completes her 92nd year of life. In 1923, the year she was born, Howard Carter opened Tutankhamen’s tomb, transcontinental airmail service began, the 49th Kentucky Derby was won by Zev, the first Brinks truck was put into use, Henry Sullivan was the first U.S. citizen to swim the English Channel, Interpol was formed, Lou Gehrig hit his first home run, Disney Brothers Cartoons was founded, Nepal became an independent nation and so much more. May your day bring you cake, love and lots of visitors.

If you are not celebrating Bette, then you should head on over to the library for Friday Night Movies. I accidentally mixed things up last week and it is, in fact, tonight that The African Queen will be shown at 7 p.m. I apologize to any of you who may have headed over there to see the 1951 classic only to find the 1981 On Golden Pond — yes, at least it was another award winner to enjoy.

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