If you’ve been collecting fines on your library card, now might be the time to pay up.

Library patrons can pay their late fees with cans of food this month at four Vineyard libraries, in what’s become a regular drive for the Island Food Pantry. Annual “food for fines” amesty programs at the Edgartown, Aquinnah and Vineyard Haven libraries run through February, while West Tisbury accepts food donations in lieu of fines all year long.

“It’s great to raise awareness about the Food Pantry,” said Amy Ryan, director of the Vineyard Haven library.

Fines are forgiven for late items, but not lost or damaged materials. In Edgartown, dollar donations are also welcome, and are doubled against the fees owed. For example, the library will forgive $10 in fines for a $5 dollar donation to the Food Pantry.

The Chilmark library forgives late fees in exchange for a food donation every December. This year, the program’s seventh, the library extended the program through January due to popular demand. In Chilmark, as in every Vineyard town, late fines are collected at the library and transferred into the town’s general fund.

Each year, the Vineyard Haven library collects about $4,000 for the town, Ms. Ryan said. The West Tisbury library usually sends between $1,000 to $2,000 per year in money collected for fines, director Beth Kramer said.

The Oak Bluffs library no longer has an official program.

“We do not participate in a food for fines program because we believe in being accommodating towards our patron’s fines throughout the year instead of just on one week,” library director Sondra Murphy wrote in an email to the Gazette.

Even in the absence of that program, the Food Pantry collection box there is always full, library staff said.

Libraries that do forgive fines in exchange for nonperishable donations have found that the program is popular with their readers.

“We love providing this option for our patrons, and love more that we are able to help the Food Pantry in whatever way we can,” Aquinnah library director Lisa Sherman said in an email.

Edgartown Public Library director Jill Dugas Hughes said the program encourages people to come back in if they haven’t visited for a while.

“It’s a win-win,” she said.