I think Wayne Jackson said it best on Facebook. He said, “I think I just saw a polar bear and penguin go by.” It does seem like we are living in another part of the world with all the white stuff we have on the ground and all the ice floating in the harbors, but we know with a few days of fog we will be rid of it. We just need to get the days warm enough.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Janiny Santana, who celebrated her day Feb. 14; Nathan Cuthbert and Devin Hill Feb. 15; Lalia Branca and Jackson Pachico, Feb. 16; Kaitlyn Grace and Ana Kurelja, Feb. 18, and to Olivia Coyle who celebrated her day Feb. 19.

Bob Avakian can now put another magazine on his resume. Bob has recently had an article in Dodho magazine. His photos have been featured in Aline Smithson’s Lenscratch, in Wilson Cummer’s New Landscape Photography blog, and on the popular photo site Peta Pixel. Bob shows his work on Martha’s Vineyard at the Granary Gallery and in Boston at the 555 Gallery. His work is in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum and the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’s permanent art collection.

William Baczek of William Baczek Fine Arts said about Bob’s work: “Avakian allows the camera to use the ‘real’ world to present us something that doesn’t really exist so that a new world becomes revealed.” And Vicki Goldberg, photography critic and author, said: “Avakian, purposely exceeding the outer limits of photography’s faithfulness to nature, produces a vision of earth that is even lovelier than the landscape that we know.”

Bob has recently been the recipient of numerous awards. In the 2014 Neutral Density Photography Awards his night photography was awarded first place. In 2013 he was selected as a Photolucida Critical Mass top 50 photographer and also won second place in the International Photography Awards, night photography category.

Mary Ellen Kresel moved to the Villages in Florida and she sent me an email saying: “Last Sunday the Red Sox equipment van made a first-ever stop on the way to Fort Meyers in The Villages. It was a beautiful spring day. Claudia Williams (Ted’s daughter) was there to sign her book. There was the solid silver bat from Ted Williams’ 1957 season. Being with so many New Englanders who have escaped the weather up north and with spring training opening soon must mean winter will be over soon. I hope so for all you who have been snowed in.”

It has been fun watching the birds readjust to the new place where I put their food. I cannot get to the feeder in the side yard, so I have put a cookie sheet on the deck with their food in it. They did not have a problem finding it, but to watch them all scoot in and out is a lot of fun. I have a cat who is just the right size to sit and have her head just at the window’s edge, so she sits between the door and curtain and thinks it is great to have her own personal view of these little birds swooping in and out just out paw’s range. I think the birds love to tease her, as I went out to fix the pan there were little bird tracks right up to the door. I am sure that was pure torture for Cossie.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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