Snow: There are people that still love it and then there are those who are just tired of it and want to see grass and the ground without shoveling to get to it. It is almost spring so things can get only better, right?

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Dylan Burke and Sarah Lively who celebrated their day Feb. 28, Lethicia Diniz, March 4, and to Ryan Noia who celebrated Feb. 5.

There are a lot of tan faces around. Families are back from down south. There were also a lot of people who went up north and did some skiing.

Mark Ellen and Ella Blodgett, along with Katherine Culbert, made their way to Disney. On their way into Florida they stopped and saw the manatees. They had a great vacation and had to pull Ellen out of the warm air to head north. But the reward of the trip was when they stopped in North Carolina and found a three-month-old puppy who they adopted and brought home to their other dogs, Russell and Mille. Her original name was Belle but Ella decided that she looked like Valca after the mother in How to Tame Your Dragon.

There were plenty of other families at Disney and I was sure that it would be an Island reunion there.

Ashley and Kraig Mundt, along with friends Jade and Dan Deslauriers, went to St. John for some sun and fun. This was Ashley and Kraig’s delayed honeymoon.

Holly Mercier and her partner Chad packed up their four labs and drove up to their place in Maine. Most of the road they live on had been plowed, but they had to dig their way into the driveway. The dogs loved it as they ran around while Chad and Holly dug out the camp.

Keep your eyes open for specials at the Harbor View. Each weeknight has a different special. Mondays it’s get one burger and the other one free. Tuesday is half a buttermilk fried chicken dinner for $10. It was delicious and the place was busy.

I know this has not been an easy winter and we get aggravated at the parking and the piles of snow, but we have to thank the men that go out plowing and try to keep up with all they have to deal with. They are up all night and are trying their best to keep us safe and happy.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead Saturday night. This will bring hopes of spring as it will be light until 6:30 p.m.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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