Tisbury selectmen have approved a host of new harbor regulations covering everything from dinghy length to docking time limits. They also set new rates for mooring fees, which will increase by five per cent across the board for commercial, town lease, and private moorings, beginning with the current billing cycle.

Selectmen voted to increase fees by 10 per cent two years ago, with a tentative plan to skip raising fees the following year before implementing a five percent jump.

“Back then we voted for a 10 per cent and we could not commit for future boards of selectmen,” selectman chairman Jonathan Snyder said at a board meeting this week. The proposal had been recommended by the harbor management committee.

On Tuesday, the board also discussed eliminating a regulation implemented last year that limited anchorage in the outer harbor to three days, after many people observed that the new limit was overly restrictive.

“It makes no sense to me. If you’re on a mooring, you don’t tell them to leave,” boatbuilder Nat Benjamin said. “Why would you tell them to leave if they’re on an anchor? They leave their boat and they come ashore and spend money every day.”

Harbormaster Jay Wilbur said that he supported keeping the time limit and that last summer had seen a decrease in abandoned boats because of the regulation.

“We’ve had those every other summer I’ve been here,” he said. “It was an incredible change...I hoped it was going to make that kind of a difference, and it sure did.”

Selectman Tristan Israel suggested tabling the item for a future hearing so language could be inserted that would allow the harbormaster to address the matter of abandoned vessels.

Selectmen also approved several new regulations for dinghies tied up in Owen Park. Maximum boat length increased to 12 feet, and gunwale covers will be required on all dinghies to protect other boats. Tow lines (painters) must be six feet in length, and motors must be stored in the down position. A restriction on the type of motor that can be used, previously set at a maximum of 10 horsepower, was lifted.

The board voted to approve and close the warrants for this year’s annual and special town meetings, to be held on April 14.