Everett Poole and Diane Smith are on Lucy duty while dear, sweet Jane Slater is a tad under the weather. She’s only planning to be down and out for a couple of days but, nevertheless, you’re stuck with me this week. Conrad and Jane Neumann were up for a visit from North Carolina, and only agreed to return because they were successful in convincing Jane to let go of a few chores and simply repose. Well wishes to you, Jane, see you here next week.

On behalf of Jane, I’d like to send a cheerful, yet slightly belated, happy birthday to Rhoda Diamond who celebrated her 94th birthday on March 30.

Genc Brinja celebrated his birthday with Tim Carroll in the city that bills itself as the Entertainment Capital of the World. Yes, folks, we’re talking Las Vegas. Big lights, big city, nightlife, gambling, fine dining and more is what they managed to squeeze into their weekend adventure.

Spring has sprung in many ways, shapes and forms. Passover has been celebrated. Easter has prompted egg hunts, family dinners and lots of jelly bean and chocolate consumption. The true spring weather has encouraged folks to get outdoors for beach walks, yard raking, trout fishing and a nice game of catch. Pinkletinks are chattering a chorus in all of their usual places, which prompts me to roll down my car windows and just listen to their unique sound. And, finally, the lobstermen have begun to handle their gear.

The hint of warmth in the air has brought Kathie and Emmett Carroll back from their adventures in the Florida Keys. For the last few years they have opted to venture south rather than endure a wintery bear-like slumber here in gray New England. They teamed up with Judy and Ted Mayhew and embarked on a sunny and relaxing escape.

Also returning after a winter away is Jackie Mendez-Diez and her pup Minnie. The pair can be seen taking their morning strolls along North Road as if they never left. Jackie, however, did share that sweet Minnie isn’t walking as far as she used to. Perhaps, after a winter of blustery snow in New York, she simply needs to ease back into it.

Another sure sign spring is in the air is multiple sightings of Jeff Bezanson. When Jeff appears to get water turned on and houses ready for summer rentals it only means one thing, the grass will soon be green and our roadways crowded.

Susan Sigel Goldsmith and her Chilmark School fifth grader Katie opened up their home to celebrate a traditional Passover Seder. Susan and Katie were joined by friends, some Jewish, some not, and graciously explained any question that arose in a most welcoming and engaging manner. Susan’s focus is always on making everyone feel welcome and included. Passover is Susan’s favorite holiday of the year.

It wasn’t a jam-packed Easter at the Scott residence this year, but part of the clan did manage to convene at Josh and Lindsey’s on Basswood Lane. Malia (Scott), Chris, Eva, Theo and Quinn managed a whirlwind 24-hour visit from their Dorchester digs which, according to 11-year-old Theo, are still totally covered in, you guessed it, snow. Theo is one of my son Brooks’ best buddies. We were lucky enough to have him over for a much needed afternoon get-together.

Welcome home to the Oliver family who have returned from a soup-to-nuts Disney adventure. According to Liz, it was the best week of her life. Liz (Seward) and Kevin, along with kiddos Solon, Barrett, Delilah and Hollis burned the candle at both ends, soaking in every last moment Mickey and Minnie had to offer in the place where dreams really do come true. Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect destination, perfect break from the dreary cold and gray Chilmark.

Hillary Noyes-Keene and 13-year-old daughter Thea have returned from 10 days in Spain. They toured Barcelona at a pace that suited their fancy, and also managed to catch up with the More-Straton kids, Suzanne and Cary, along with their mom Elizabeth at their home in Mallorca. The duo is home in time to prep for the arrival of Hillary’s folks, Hal and Ann Noyes, who will visit mid month from their home in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

Visiting right now is Billie Hancock. Ms. Billie can never let too much time pass between visits with grandson Christian. Of course, celebrating son in law Gil’s birthday and catching up with daughter Buffy are an added bonus.

Hip-hip hooray, Leigh Vanderhoop. He has been duly appointed as Chilmark postmaster. In this day and age of instant shopping gratification, we thank you, Leigh, for seeing that we get our Amazon packages in a timely manner. And, thank you for always smiling behind that counter.

A message of sympathy and condolence goes to the Conroy family who spend their summers on Chowder Kettle Lane. Jack, 21-year-old son of Barbara and Kevin, passed away on April 1.

Don’t forget, Tuesdays are pizza night at the Chilmark Church. Cheese and pepperoni are the choices, along with a mix of salads and cookies shared by the occasionally ambitious attendee. If you know you will join the faithfuls, give Julie Flanders a call at 508-645-3723. The light in the sky gives the kids an opportunity to kick a ball around or play a game of tag, so if you’re thinking ahead put those feet in sneakers.

One last thing, a quick Menemsha update: RC&D, under the guidance of the Army Corps of Engineers, continue to shuffle rock on the west jetty. They appear to be making progress with their repairs. Also, a big thank-you to highway superintendent Keith Emin for having our roadways swept. It’s nice to have some traction back.