An Edgartown landowner won approval to develop seven acres of land on Mullen Way from the town planning board this week.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday, the board approved Michael Kidder’s plan to subdivide the property off Pease’s Point Way into nine residential lots.

“I think we all saw the benefits of the project, and recognized them,” said chairman Fred Mascolo by phone later.

Mr. Kidder’s attempts to develop the property at 23 Mullen Way date to 2006, when a different plan to create nine lots was referred to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, but later withdrawn.

Last December, Mr. Kidder sold two lots fronting Mullen Way before proposing a smaller 10-lot subdivision, which was approved by the planning board in January. Later the vote was rescinded after town counsel advised that referral to the MVC was required.

The MVC sent the modified plan back to the town.

Throughout the process, neighbors have objected to the plans amid worry that new development will increase traffic on Mullen Way, a narrow way that ranges from 12 to 17 feet wide.

The plan will include a 2.5-acre buffer zone where no development can occur, and a trail easement will be granted to the land bank which will link two existing paths. Mr. Kidder has also offered to install two fire hydrants as part of the project.

The plan still needs board of health approval. The planning board’s approval comes with two pages of conditions, which include a stipulation that the property will not be subdivided further.

Mr. Mascolo said the project will bring fire, water, and vehicular safety features to the neighborhood.