A grant from a foundation devoted to supporting the work of firefighters and first responders will allow the Aquinnah police department to buy a new four-wheel drive utility vehicle, chief Randhi Belain said this week.

The $13,666 grant came from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation based in Jacksonville, Fla. Sgt. Paul Manning applied for the funding. The Polaris Ranger vehicle will aid personnel responding to emergencies in remote areas of town with limited accessibility, Chief Belain said. Equipped with a basket stretcher rescue skid, the vehicle is capable of transporting people with injuries safely and quickly. The new vehicle will replace the current all-terrain vehicle which has served the department for 10 years.

Firehouse Subs, founded by former firefighting brothers Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen, is a restaurant chain. Each local restaurant recycles five-gallon pickle buckets and sells them to guests for a $2 donation, while canisters on register counters explain the nonprofit’s mission and collects spare change. All funds raised benefit the foundation.