Adventures in New York! Well, Silvio and Lil’Bit, my brother and sister Lhasa Apsos, courtesy of Bill and Deb Little 10 years ago, made a run for it from Nonna’s backyard Friday night. The gate is always kept closed but I’ll bet one of the neighbor kids had to retrieve a ball when I was downtown. Silvio did not have his collar and tag because we had bathed him and were putting a new collar on. They ran away to Saint Bernard’s, the Catholic church around the corner, where I served time in plaid for nine years. A lovely lady was leaving Centro Hispanico and captured Lil’ Bit. She approached a cop on road duty who could not leave his post. He saw Bitty’s tag and found out she lived in Vineyard Haven and wrote down my cell phone number. You all know how good I am with my cell phone, right? I usually can’t find it but in this case I had turned it off for the night and gone to bed early. He asked her to drive the dog to the White Plains police station. She kindly did so.

Meanwhile, when Silvio saw his sister being arrested he bolted through the church property and ran as fast as he could. I was circling in the truck, screaming his name, and asking all people I encountered if they saw him. Teri was circling block after block, shaking a box of dog treats, and calling his name. Good thing she was so loud because she was lost and I tracked her down by her distinctive shriek. I told her we had better go bail out Lil’Bit because I at least knew where she was. We stopped at my house to get my license and bail money – I had jumped in the truck with no pocketbook because I was so worried. We pulled up in front of Nonna’s. Our friends Nicole and Altin were on the front porch talking to Brian Conway, my favorite Irish fiddler, who has regaled us with Celtic tunes every Wednesday night at Dunne’s Pub for 18 years. “What is Brian doing here?” I wondered. Sure enough, Silvio had run to his backyard several blocks away. Brian cornered Sil, no tag, no collar, called the police station, and was told a woman at 8 Linda avenue was looking for two dogs. Not knowing it was my house he went to the trouble to show up and ask. We retrieved Sil, bailed Lil’Bit out, thanked everyone, and Nonna was so pleased to have her granddogs back. I pointed out to her how useful it was that I attended regular Irish saissons at Dunne’s, like Cheers, where everyone knows my name...

We could not attend town meeting on Tuesday, I am still waiting for your input. Instead, Teri and I were invited by our friend Sylvia of Dorry’s Diner, the best server on the East Coast, of to attend a regular Tuesday night dinner meeting of White Plains and local towns’ denizens who get a speaker to explore interesting topics. Teri and I met New York assemblywoman Amy Paulin. Amy spoke on human trafficking in the New York area and bills she had introduced with her colleagues to put a stop to this awful situation. We met fine new friends, and one, of course, knew the Nevin family of Martha’s Vineyard, particularly Sarah. All roads lead to the Island, until you have to board the boat.

Be sure to get your tickets for the Harlem Rockets on Friday May 8. Peter Lambos of the Boys & Girls Club is in charge. Makes me think of my childhood outings to see the incredible Harlem Globetrotters. The game is a fundraiser for the Club.

The moment is now. The first Kale Soup Throw Down will be held this Sunday at the P.A. Club at 5 p.m. to raise money for the Islanders Benevolent Fund. Your taste buds and vote are needed. Ready, set, cook kale!

The Pathways Project Institute invites you to an off-site event on Tuesday, April 21 at 7 p.m. at the Tisbury Water Works on 400 West Spring street. The event is called Make Waves Martha’s Vineyard, Let There Be Light. Please attend and report back to me.

Speaking of the world of water, indefatigable performance artist Stokley Towles, son of Tisbury’s Holly Towles, has another great and interesting performance April 25 which will run through May 10. You do have to be in Seattle to see it but it sounds worth the trip. Stokley’s invitation to me was headed “Dear friends and toilet users...” Now, I ask you, who can resist that? It is a 50 minute monologue that pursues the often asked question, after we flush, where does it go? Projected images will follow the life of Ron, a treatment plant manager, who is up at night worrying about the creatures that keep the system working, the sewage swim team, you get the picture. Or you will. Performance takes place at New City Theater, tickets may be purchased through

I don’t want to write this but I must. Our condolences go out to the large Island family of Brianna Combra who died in a car accident last Sunday, April 12. Brianna was my friend Tekla Silva’s daughter, her uncle is John, her cousins are many – Brian Packish, Pam Alley and her sons, more family than I can mention here. Lots of friends. But Nonna and I are thinking of them and praying for them all. Brianna was a delightful student when I had her at the high school, she turned out to be a sweet and funny friend. Many of you remember her from her last five years working at the Steamship Authority. Brianna was 24 years old. Her service will be graveside at the Oak Bluffs cemetery on Saturday May 2 at noon. I join you all in sadness and sympathy.

If you are going to Boston for the marathon on Monday, stay safe and have fun. Boston Strong.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Irene Miller Friday. April 18 is a party for Lynne Whiting, Alexander Schultz, Laurie Jennings, Nate Lee, and Max Clark Balco. April 19 honors Bob Tankard, Eleanor Hebert, Carter Lee, and Mary Marshall. April 20 is BJ Kennedy’s Airplane Day and the birthday of Jeremy Berlin. April 21 is for Terri Keech, Lauren Martin, John Custer, and Judy Nichols. April 22 is claimed by Angelo DiMeglio. And on April 23 Ferd Beaulieu, Elizabeth Clark, and Grace Gillespie take the cake. Many happy returns.

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