Sun, rain, sun, rain, each day is a surprise. Warm, cold, warm, cold, we don’t know how to dress. But the sun helps keep our spirits up as many people still are talking about the winter weather and how happy they are that the sun is shining. I think most of us are happy we can at least open our windows once in a while.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. My birthday list is among the missing, but I am sure they are enjoying themselves as it is spring vacation.

The nursery is getting full and now all the shrubs are coming in. They are late in arriving as they are usually here in March but the companies we get them from were late getting them out because of the snow. But the hydrangeas are here. They are very popular with all our customers and Ernie got some great varieties.

Our neighbors Judy and Harry Stotz are here for the weekend. It is nice to see the lights on there and Judy is busy sprucing her planters up.

Want to enjoy a spring day outside while lending a helping hand? Join Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary on Saturday, April 25, from 9 a.m. to noon for the annual Mass Audubon Statewide Volunteer Day. Share your talents with them and join in the fellowship of fun followed by a thank you barbecue lunch.

The birds, butterflies, and Fern and Feather campers will be the beneficiaries of your efforts. Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary will offer projects suitable for all ages and abilities and they can help fulfill community service requirements.

There were many happy faces on social media after Vineyard Conservation Society’s beach cleanup. I know everyone worked hard but I think just being on the beach was a happy time for the kids.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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