New Red Hat LLC purchased 6 Trails End in Chilmark from Patricia Shulte TRS and SSK 2006 Nominee Trust for $950,000 on April 17.

Kara E. Klein TRS, Kara O’Sullivan TRS, Leonard Leader TRS, Kara E. Klein 2012 Irrevocable Trust and Kara O’Sullivan 2012 Irrevocable Trust purchased 16 South Road in Chilmark from Peter M. Nicholson for $800,000 on April 17.


Thomas C. and Sheila K. Rapone purchased 73 Pennywise Path in Edgartown from Dominica Gutierrez and Vicki D. Galliher for $650,000 on April 14.

Justin and Emily Melnick purchased 12 Holly Bear Lane in Edgartown from Robert M. Wilkins and Dawn Freedman-Wilkins for $555,000 on April 15.

Mark William and Linda Anne Trude purchased 6 Huckleberry Hill Lane in Edgartown from Michael F. Torcia for $869,000 on April 16.

WJG Realty Co. LLC purchased 247 Upper Main Street in Edgartown from Jack Eliot Butman and Jack Butman for $177,000 on April 17.

Oak Bluffs

Laurence L. Perkins TRS and MV Dock House Perkins Family 2015 Trust purchased 379 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from Debra A. Olmstead for $3,000,000 on April 15.

Janet H. and Richard E. Steponaitis purchased 14 Pennacook Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Elaine M. Thomas for $700,000 on April 17.

Vineyard Haven

Nationstar Mortgage LLC purchased 698 Franklin St. in Vineyard Haven from Albert R. Koster for $571,764 on April 16.