The shadbush bloomed suddenly late last week. The foggy days seem to be an essential factor. You get up one morning and realize that there are small clouds of white blossoms hovering in the woods and you are pretty sure that they weren’t there yesterday. If they were, wouldn’t you have noticed them? You ask yourself, what else has slipped past you unnoticed? And you resolve to pay closer attention to your surroundings. Springtime is so full of subtle surprises.

I did, however, notice right away that when the shadbush blooms a sign appears in the fish market window proclaiming the return of shad roe. I’m sure that it’s not just a coincidence and that the reason for the two sharing the same name goes back ages.

The squid are back. Not in great numbers yet, just the first lone scouts. I saw a few in the ferry slip the other night doing their to and fro dance in the murky waters. They were nearly invisible, but their iridescent eyes gave them away. There have been trawlers working in Nantucket Sound overnight with their bright lights shining down onto the water, a sure sign that the squid out there are numerous enough to be worth the time and effort.

Are you looking for a really good rationalization for putting off cleaning up your yard after that stormy winter? Spend a spring morning, Saturday May 16, caring for Mytoi Garden from 9 a.m. to noon. It’s a great way to get energized for your own projects. There will be lots of satisfying cleanup and planting plus snacks and refreshments. Let Sarah Free know so she can plan accordingly. Call 508-627-3599 or email

The Edgartown Planning Board is working diligently to address the many issues relating to staging vehicles waiting to board the Chappy Ferry. They have held two public hearings and participated in a live test of the concept of staging two rows of vehicles on Daggett street. I felt an overall spirit of cooperation amongst the board and the meeting attendees. Lots of ideas were offered, expanded upon and their merits weighed. The one aspect that we all seemed to agree upon is that it is a complex issue. We were quick to recognize that simple short-term solutions need to be decided upon in time for the coming season. Solving the long-term problem of preparing for the future will require examination of more far-ranging townwide issues. The planning board will digest all of the ideas brought to its attention and make recommendations to the board of selectmen.

The proprietors of the Chappy golf course, formally known as The Royal and Ancient Chappaquiddick Links, will be hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, May 23. The Crow ‘n Pig Celebrity Pro Am Golf Scramble starts at noon. All proceeds will be dedicated to the installation of a much-needed new well at Slip Away Farm. Here’s how it works. There are spots for 32 golfers at $40 each. Teams of four will compete in scramble style golf. You can make up your own team or come as you are and Brad will make sure that you get matched up with three other golfers. Call Brad at 508-627-2729 to sign up. There are prizes for the winning team plus, according to Brad, “cool swag and the healthy knowledge that you are helping Chappy farming.”

But there’s more! Playing in the golf tournament entitles you to free entry that very same afternoon to the pig roast at Slip Away Farm’s annual spring opening party from 4 to 6 p.m. There will be pulled pork courtesy of the Slip Away raised pigs plus lots of other goodies. Of course, everyone else is invited as well. Bring your friends and your own drinks and a $20 donation per person.

The Slip Away farm stand will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 5. They already have baby greens, baby arugula, radishes, spring scallions and flowers along with seedlings, yogurt, chocolate, cookies, coffee beans and cheese. Spring planting is well under way and the peas are already up and promise to be a bumper crop.

The next Chappy Community Center potluck will be on Wednesday, May 20 starting at 6 p.m. Leslie and Ann Floyd will be hosting. I’m confident that we will have plenty to talk about. It’s a perfect opportunity to share your own brainchild of an idea of how to solve the ferry waiting line puzzle.

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