You can take the cheesecake out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the cheesecake. Or can you? Breaking news down here near the Big Apple, because of the high cost of doing business in Brooklyn, Junior’s Cheesecake factory will be moving to New Jersey, the No Joke state. Yes, but will it taste the same? There are many here who believe that the reason New York bagels and New York pizza are so spectacular is our New York water. You know I don’t cook anymore. Is water an ingredient of cheesecake? If so should our brothers and sisters at the factory in N.J. import New York water to complete the recipe. And this is a big worry on my mind, will the air in the No Joke state affect the flavor? Stay tuned.

rother Jim brought Nonna a Junior’s cheesecake from Brooklyn for Mother’s Day. Nonna was incarcerated in White Plains hospital. So after anyone who wanted some in her room had a delightful piece, Jim brought the rest to me to refrigerate as he and wife Pat and friend Rosemary were headed to the Tarrytown Music Hall for a concert by Pink Martini. Best gift my brother ever gave me. I found out that Junior’s cheesecake makes a perfect midnight snack. For breakfast it stands on its own and you can add berries. As a lunch, there is nothing more refreshing. And as an entree for dinner, who needs any sides? Jersey boys, please import the New York water!

Speaking of pizza and Jersey Boys, who famously said this: “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.” That’s right, our own Yogi Berra who was 90 on May 12. What a man! What a mind! I leave you with my very favorite Yogi-ism: “Baseball is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical.” Many happy returns, Yogi!

Sad news. Because of a death in the family the annual Musical May Tea at the First Baptist Church scheduled for Saturday, May 16 has been cancelled. My condolences to where they apply. I have no further details.

The semi-annual electronics safe disposal day is this Saturday May 16 on the campus of our Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, 111 Edgartown Road. All money raised goes to MVCS and the items are brought off-Island to a safe disposal facility. Cost of disposal ranges from $2 to $30. There is a special discount on a car load. Some things you can get rid of are cell phones, laptops, printers, scanners, computers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, microwaves, air conditioners. . .you get the picture. My, we leave a big carbon footprint, don’t we?

The prom is this weekend. I wish you all lots of fun and safe behavior. Buckle up.

Wanda Denton is back on Island staying on Lennie’s Loop with her award-winning daughter, Laurie Marotta. I know Wanda is raking the gardens and cleaning them out. She gets a head start on me every year.

Teri Praskach is back on Island planting in her greenhouse. I hear it is already practically full of glorious items. I can’t wait to see it. Teri, send pictures!

My heart is broken by the sad news that Anne Haney, the wife of Jim and owner of Dunmere by the Sea, died last Saturday. I loved Anne and I love her family. As I get further details I shall catch you up.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Jeffrey Sylvia on May 15. James Seccombe, Silvio Spiconardi, and Mary Jo Reston share May 16. May 17 is a party for Jenna Bagnall, Martin Simoni, Wesley Coehlo Souza, and Marie Doubleday. There are many names for this next person celebrating on May 18: Nonna, the Barefoot Contessa, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Mom. Iole Magdelan Gardella turns 98. May 19 shines on Zach Charter, Dot Eldefy, and Tony Gramkowski. And on May 21 Rosie Bick takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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