What a ride we have been on with the weather. First it is cool and you think you will never pull out the summer clothes but you don’t want to curse it so you leave them where they are. Then Sunday comes along, and it is so hot you need shorter lighter pants, and you could wear that new top you just bought. Then bam, Monday is cool and the sweatshirt is on again. Mother Nature is having a great time playing with us.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Rhanna De Oliveira, Joseph Medeiros and Joao Nunes who celebrated their day on May 16; Pedro Alves on May 18; Amelia Craig, Jonas De Oliveira and Lukas Fenske on May 20; Matthew D’Andrea and Heather Kirwin on May 21; and Braeden Jeffery on May 22.

The weekend was great. A lot of work got done in the yard even though it does not look like it. People were out and about and some friends made their way down the beach to check out where the breach was and maybe scope out potential Sunday beach day spots.

I made my way down to the fire station on Sunday for the museum open house. It was a very nice morning watching the kids playing on the slide and jump house. I think I remember when I had that much energy and wasn’t afraid of jumping from the top of the slide to the middle and bouncing to the bottom. They all had big smiles and you couldn’t help but laugh and smile back. It was a great time and the museum is just a great tribute to the many men and women who dedicated a lot of time to this town.

The museum is open every day in the summer, and I know you would enjoy the things they have in it, plus looking at the pictures and picking out many from this town at a much younger age.

I wish I could be a fly on the tree for the next few weeks as we all get use to the new parking lot at the post office. I am having a hard time not heading for the new curbing, especially the one in front of Granite. I don’t care how big a reflector they put there, I still want to park in that spot. And you have to figure which way to go to get around to the post office. Oh boy! It will not be bad when we get used to it. But I know that early in the morning or late afternoon the brain is on auto pilot when we have to do those daily errands or get a cup of coffee from Edgartown Meat and Fish.

As we all go into this Memorial Day weekend and we get our bodies and minds into the summer mode and we prepare for our families to come for a quick visit or we are working, please take time out to remember what this weekend really means to us and to the men and women who gave up their tomorrows so that we could have ours.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.