Whew! Memorial Day weekend—sudden, overwhelming, exhausting! I’d call it a four-day weekend. It felt and looked like summer for all four of those days. The Pied Piper made three round trips every day, spilling an eager crowd of smiling faces onto Memorial Wharf on Friday and Saturday. Then re-gathering those same faces on Sunday and Monday, still smiling but with an added forlorn look. We heard reports of standing room-only-trips on the gleaming white ships of the SSA. There was not a parking space to be had in all of downtown Edgartown but you could surely get a T-shirt and an ice cream cone.

The Chappy Ferry was as busy as any day in August. The difference was the level of excitement that I sensed. I detected a cheerful urgency in our summer folks, their guests and the tourists who were here just for this holiday. Even though it felt like summer, it was a much-abbreviated version. A tiny little summer such as this is so very finite. Friday was for traveling to the island. Then the next two days were for enjoying all of the activities of a real summer, minus the swimming perhaps, but packed into just 48 hours. Monday was for going back home to work or school. And just as quickly as the multitude descended upon us, it departed.

There was a particularly rambunctious pack of Chappy summer kids who clearly were putting all of their energy into savoring every second of this false summer. One of their mothers told me that she felt a little sorry them, knowing how disappointing it would be for them to face another month of school.

When I was an elementary school kid, one of the crucial elements of summer vacation was the feeling of euphoria. And that feeling was made possible because at that age I was blessed with the exquisite luxury of having no responsibility for keeping track of time. I knew how many school days remained before vacation began because the other kids had figured it out, kept a running count and announced it often. But once school got out for the summer, I intentionally avoided knowing how many days remained until school started again. That day was so far in the future that it didn’t warrant my attention. I had all of the time in the world. I think that must have been when I developed my procrastination skills. You will never meet anyone as comfortable as I am at putting things off for just one more day.

The closest I get now to feeling that timelessness of youth is on a road trip when we plan on an extra week just to roam around, deciding each day where to go next. For a vacation to be truly fulfilling for me, there has to be a good long period of time with no itinerary.

Chappy was a lively place during the weekend with the spring opening party at Slip Away Farm and the Crow ‘n Pig Celebrity Pro Am Golf Scramble at the Chappy golf course. Both were organized to raise money for the new well at the farm and both were very well attended. Thanks to all who participated. The farm stand is open on weekends now. Watch their sign out at the road for updates. Every week there are new vegetables and goodies.

In just five short weeks the Chappy Community Center summer programs will be in full swing. On June 29 sailing begins, June 30 tennis and yoga, and July 1 pilates, just to name a few. The CCC website has all the information plus signup forms. The last potluck of the season is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3 starting at 6 p.m. Joann and Tom Tilghman have the honor of hosting the finale dinner.

The ferry slips took quite a beating from the ice over the winter so we are replacing the plywood sheathing on the long bumper wall of the Edgartown slip. The maintenance team prefabricated panels of a dozen sheets of plywood to speed the process along and avoid interruption of service. Once again our excavator is earning its keep lifting the heavy panels into place. The ferry has been operating on the summer schedule for a week now, which means that weather permitting the ferry runs continuously from 6:45 a.m. to midnight. Upon discovering that the summer hours were in effect, a longtime Chappaquiddicker turned to his wife and exclaimed, “Hey, the ferry runs to midnight.” Her reply: “Great. But you fall asleep over dinner.”

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