The Capawock Theatre in Vineyard Haven and the Strand Theatre in Oak Bluffs are nearly ready for their grand reopenings to the movie-going public.

Finishing touches were put on facade at Strand in Oak Bluffs this week. — Alison Shaw

The newly-renovated Capawock reopens on Saturday to screen its first film in three years, and the Strand will reopen June 20.

“I’ve loved these theatres since I was a kid,” said Mark Snider, owner of the Winnetu Oceanside Resort in Edgartown and founder of the nonprofit Martha’s Vineyard Theater Foundation, who has been the leading force behind the theatres’ re-openings. “It was painful to see them closed and derelict, so I started a path to put them into a nonprofit to negotiate leases with the owners of the building and raise money to restore them.”

The journey has been a good one so far, with $820,000 of a $1 million goal raised. “I am hopeful that people will come out of the woodwork and continue to give this summer because the $180,000 that we still need is very important,” Mr. Snider said. “All of the money that comes in is immediately put into the buildings because we are on very fast construction schedule.”

Lights, camera. . . oh, wait, seats would help, too. — Timothy Johnson

Remaining work includes heat installation at the Capawock and HVAC repairs at the Strand. A mindful renovation took place at the Strand, with the building’s exterior preserved according to photographs of the theatre from the early 1900s. Traditional gold leaf lettering for the Capawock will be installed inside glass casing outside. Floors and seating have been redesigned at both theatres. “People love history unless it encroaches on their comfort,” said Mr. Snider. Among other things, space between rows of seats has been lengthened to allow for more leg room. The Strand formerly accommodated about 270 audience members; it now has room for about 230.

An invitation-only gala will take place at the Capawock Theatre on Friday, May 29, and will feature a live performance by Carly Simon, Ben Taylor and Sally Taylor on the theatre’s main stage. The redesigned stage features a movable screen that recesses to accommodate lectures and performances such as this one.

Nothing silent about this story; Mark Snider helps Vineyard theatres find their voice again. — Timothy Johnson

A surprise film will be screened following the performance as part of the exclusive event. “It’s a way of thanking our donors for giving so generously to get the theatres open,” Mr. Snider said. But he will not reveal what film will be screened prior to Friday’s event. “It’s like being pregnant and telling everyone the name of the child before it’s born and everyone has opinions,” he said.

A similar gala event will take place at the Strand Theatre on June 19, prior to its opening to the public on June 20.

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society, which operates the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center in Vineyard Haven under the direction of Richard Paradise, will operate both revamped theatres. The film center will likely screen art films that come to the Island while the Strand and Capawock theatres will host mainstream films. Movies will rotate among the three theaters. Rainy day matinees will also be scheduled.

Last film screened at the Capawock Theatre was Blue Jasmine in 2013. Pitch Perfect 2 revives the tradition. — Timothy Johnson

The film society will also be operating concession stands, which will include locally sourced fare, Mr. Paradise said in a news release. Members of the film society are entitled to discounted tickets at all theatres, he said.

Tickets and movie schedules are available on the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society’s website. And unlike attendees at Friday night’s event, moviegoers Saturday will know what movie they’ll be seeing: Pitch Perfect 2, the musical comedy sequel directed by Elizabeth Banks, starts at 6:30 p.m., and Good Kill, the 2014 American drama film directed by Andrew Niccol, begins at 9 p.m.

“That would not be cool if you didn’t know what you were buying tickets for,” said Mr. Snider.

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