A baseball game could theoretically go on forever — and Sunday night’s Sharks game in Nashua, N.H., seemed like it might.

The Martha’s Vineyard Sharks made history as the weekend came to a close, winning a record-setting 19-inning game against the Nashua Silver Knights.

Kyle Fiore, the team’s director of baseball operations, said the game was the longest in Futures Collegiate Baseball League history. Coach Frank Leoni believed the game to be tied with one other for the longest ever FCBL game.

Managers said the early season win bodes well for the Sharks and the tight contests the team will undoubtedly have with other opponents this summer. “We saw the team’s mental toughness last night, which is as notable as how we played,” said Coach Leoni. “There were plenty of times late in the game that they could have said, ‘it’s getting late let’s get back on the ferry and go home,’ but they really wanted to win,” he added.

The two teams were tied 2-2 after the regulation nine innings. The game entered over time, and the Sharks scored a run at the top of the 11th inning. As the away team, the Sharks had been at bat first. By the bottom of the 11th, the score was tied again, at 3-3. Innings 12 though 18 were scoreless; neither team logged a run again until the 19th. Shark Domenic De Renzo, who plays for the University of Oklahoma, led the inning with a walk to first base at the top of the 19th, setting the Sharks up to score their game winning run. A perfect bunt from Steven Foster of Hofstra University moved De Renzo to third base, and landed Foster on first. With no outs and two men on first and third, Brian Campbell, who plays for Stonehill, stepped up to the plate and hit a laser line drive for a base hit that allowed De Renzo to bring one home for the Sharks. They defended their 4-3 lead through the bottom of the 19th and caught two fly balls to end the game.

“Everyone was pretty exhausted by the end of the game,” said Coach Leoni, “But they were definitely excited. They hooted and hollered a little bit when we got back into the locker room and ate our post-game meal,” he said.

Right fielder Donovan Casey, who plays for Boston College, was brought in to relieve a string of pitchers toward the end of the game. It was his first time pitching for the team this summer, but he threw heat, with some pitches in the mid 90s. “He really dominated,” said Coach Leoni.

With the win the Sharks remain in first place in the league with a 7-2 record.

“Nashua was right behind us so it was a battle for first place last night,” said Coach Leoni. The Sharks play the Pittsfield Sun at home Tuesday at 7 p.m.