A Dukes County grand jury Wednesday indicted two men on drug charges related to illegal distribution of narcotic pain medications.

Joel C. Rebello, 24, of Oak Bluffs and Donald S. Berube, 24, of Tewksbury were arrested in Oak Bluffs in December 2014, after a motor vehicle stop on Monroe avenue.

Both men face identical charges in the indictments, one count each of trafficking in a class A substance (oxycodone) more than 18 grams but less than 36 grams, and one count each of conspiracy to violate drug laws.

According to a press release, police seized 150 oxycodone (Percocet) pills that have a combined street value of about $9,000, at the time of the arrests. Mr. Rebello had been the target of an ongoing drug task force investigation. Police said neither man has a prescription for oxycodone and $470 in cash was seized from Mr. Berube.

Mr. Berube and Mr. Rebello were arraigned in Edgartown district court following their arrest; this week’s indictment has the effect of moving the legal proceedings to Dukes County superior court, where judges may impose harsher sentences than allowed in district court.

Under Massachusetts general laws, the trafficking charge carries a mandatory minimum sentence of two years of incarceration, and a maximum of 15 years. The conspiracy charge carries the same range of penalites.