Edgartown’s two newest full-time police officers are ready for duty just in time for the department’s busiest day of the year, when the town fills up with visitors for the Fourth of July parade and fireworks.

Zachary Townes and Curtis Chandler were sworn in Monday at the board of selectmen’s meeting. Both completed training at the Boston Police Academy last week.

The ceremony before family, friends, and several fellow officers was delayed a few minutes as police Chief David Rossi battled the infamous Edgartown triangle traffic, but he eventually arrived at town hall and had words of praise for his new officers.

“We’ve known them all their lives, so we know their character,” Chief Rossi said. “I got to go up to their graduation in Boston. They had very nice things to say about these guys. They wanted to keep them, but they’re not going to.”

“They are two local kids, who have participated in the community in a number of ways and we’re glad to have them on the force,” said Lieut. Chris Dolby. “Thanks to the Boston Police Academy, we can get them on the street in time for the Fourth of July.”

As part of an accreditation process underway, the police department has adopted a new oath, which provided a touching moment and some comic relief during the swearing-in ceremony.

Town clerk Wanda Williams administered the oath, and became emotional when recalling her military service.

“It reminds me of all the years I spent in the Navy,” Ms. Williams said. “It says ‘I swear to uphold the constitution of the United States of America.’ I cannot tell you how many times I have said that. It always rings in my heart.”

She then launched into the oath, but skipped over the part where the officers were supposed to repeat it aloud, which prompted a round of giggles from the audience.

At another point, Ms. Williams read so much of the oath that the officers couldn’t remember the lines, and turned to each other sheepishly as Ms. Williams broke the oath down into smaller passages, again to a round of giggles.

Officers Townes and Chandler both previously worked in the department as summer officers, and most recently as student officers. They will begin full-time duty immediately.

Also at Monday's meeting, selectmen approved a three-year contract for fire chief Peter Shemeth, who will move from part-time to full-time duty leading the department. Mr. Shemeth will be paid $110,000 per year with four weeks of vacation time. According to the contract, Mr. Shemeth will receive the same cost of living adjustment as other town employees in the second and third year of the contract. At the annual town meeting in April, Edgartown voters agreed to an increase in the fire department budget to make the fire chief's position full time.