A recent incident involving a vicious dog attack came to a swift end this week with the announcement by the Tisbury selectmen that the three dogs involved in the attack have been euthanized.

Tisbury police and animal control were called to the property of Kenneth Bilzerian on June 13 after his daughter in law and her young son were bitten. Three American bulldogs owned by Mr. Bilzerian were involved. Yuliya Bilzerian, who is pregnant, and her young son, required medical treatment. Initially animal control officer Laurie Clements ordered the dogs quarantined on the property under the supervision of the owner. The decision was questioned by town administrator John (Jay) Grande, who met with Ms. Clements and scheduled a hearing for Tuesday during the regular selectmen’s meeting.

On Tuesday board chairman Tristan Israel opened the hearing and announced that the three dogs had been euthanized. The hearing was quickly closed; minutes later abutters to the Bilzerian property filed into the Katharine Cornell Theatre. Abutter Jackie Willey voiced her concern, especially over the actions of animal control.

“I am horrified at how I have been treated in this and I want to be heard,” said Mrs. Willey. “My dog was killed by the same dogs four years ago, and I am not happy that Laurie Clements left the dog on the property after that. I got no protection, nothing.” She expressed concerns that a fourth dog, one that was not involved in the mauling incident, was still alive.

But Mr. Israel said the hearing solely concerned the three dogs involved in the attack. “The issue before us was the complaint involving the three dogs,” he said. If there are other issues, please come and talk to us.”