We had good weather over the long holiday weekend. Traffic, particularly, downtown, is extremely difficult, at best, and the bus traffic has had a substantial increase in ridership so you have to remember to build 20 minutes more into your travel time.

Joe Sollitto down in Edgartown organized this year’s parade, and Col. Ted Morgan attended his 46th Independence Day parade. It was well attended, as was Woollcott and Leah Smith’s party the night before. About 50 people took part in the evening’s festivities. The parade in Edgartown was the highlight of the Fourth and many backyard cookouts were held that day and all weekend long. At least one adult swan and three of her cygnets glide around the Mill Pond every day.

Susan Stone Levine, her husband Roger, son Benjamin and daughter Jackie of Woodbridge, Conn., are vacationing at her home on State Road. Her mother Eve Stone will be joining them this weekend. Even their dog Henry is having a swell time.

Anna’s sister Nina was here with us for the holiday and attended the parade, and enjoyed the beach and shopping. Nicole, Arsen, and grandsons Robbie and Henry will be going back home on Sunday. They enjoyed a change of scenery, the beach, animals, playground and one of Robbie’s favorite things: visiting the chickens.

Dudley Eppel and his wife Nancy, of Pond View Farm Road, are in residence for the summer. He reports that he has planted his garden early and waters it every day. He had a wonderful birthday party last week and they are expecting visits from their children throughout the summer.

Vicky Bijur and her husband Ed Levine, of New York city, have been vacationing at her mom’s place in Tiah’s Cove.

Bob and Diantha Eisendrath of Belmont and Middle Road spent the long holiday weekend at their home. Diantha reports that they will return for the month of August.

Leon Sample and his wife Jeannine of Alexandria, Va., are in residence at the family estate on Cobb’s Hill for their annual vacation. They have had several family guests and are expecting more family members to arrive this weekend.

Harry and Debbie Athearn, of Lambert’s Cove Road, held their annual Fourth of July picnic last Saturday at their place. It included all of the Athearn family and their friends. Harry reports the weather cooperated and they had a good time.

Amy Hoff reports that on Saturday there will be a presentation on the sister islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Martha’s Vineyard. Learn about the history of the relationship and discuss the next steps. Refreshments will be served and on Monday at 5 p.m. author Naomi Jackson will read from her debut novel The Star Side of Bird Hill. Refreshments will be served.

Cherrilla Brown of New Lane is busier than ever these days producing her own By the Sea salt. It is a combination of kosher salt and selected herbs made right in her kitchen from her mother’s special recipe. She also bottles her own Jose Can You Sea Salt with a little kick to it. She reports selling more than 5,000 bottles last year Islandwide, and in addition to being a helpful addition to any spice cabinet it is a useful souvenir to take back home or send as a gift.

David McCullough will speak on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Grange Hall to benefit the West Tisbury Library Foundation. Mr. McCullough will talk about his newly published and well-reviewed biography, The Wright Brothers, and the research behind it. This will be the only event he will hold on the Island this summer; reserve your tickets now.

The Fleischner family of South Pond Road welcomes old friends Ann Henley and Doug Perry, along with their children Della Joyner, Clara Parker, Ash, Kappy and Hennie from Chattanooga, Tenn. for a week on the Island. There will be many laughs and wonderful memories made of time spent together.

The Ashley Medowski Gallery celebrates its 14th Year! The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. This year’s theme is shorebirds, ships, sea life (paintings and mixed media boxes). Her annual show and reception will be Saturday, August 8 from 5–7:30 p.m.

On July 7, 1946 Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Duys and their daughter Rosemarie and son Gerrit Jr. moved from the Jennie Shoemaker farm on Tea Lane in Chilmark where they had been living for the past nine years to their new home on Music Street. They had recently completed the purchase of the former Jerry Mayhew house, barn and several acres of farm land. Moving along with them was their niece Mrs. Marie Jacqueline Van den Heuvel, who had been making her home with them since her arrival in this country from Brussels, Belgium.

Happy birthday to: Rez Williams, David Merry, Joy Robinson-Lynch, Sandy Fisher, Paul Wilkins and Mary McDonough Friday, Mike Colaneri, Nancy Salon, Andrew Woodruff and Dennis White Saturday, Anna Alley, Denise Mount, Levi Flanders, Mike Ferry, Lauraye White and Martina Mastromonaco on Sunday, Paul Karasik, David Perzanowski, Rev. Cathlin Baker, Karen Lobdell and Deanna Devries on Wednesday, and Tina Miller, Jay Schwartz, and John Walsh on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes to the honorable Dudley Eppel and Diane Abbot.

Well that is all of the social news for this edition. A piece of useless trivia for your next cocktail party: Spam became available at your local grocery store 78 years ago last Sunday. It is the kind you eat, not the useless material you get with your email. Please call or e-mail me with your news. Have a great week.

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