Calling all potential prize-winning poultry, and their owners. The Agricultural Fair is fast approaching, and any birds being shown in the fair need to be tested for pullorum.

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources staff will be on Martha’s Vineyard for testing on one day only, Tuesday July 21 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Requests for testing must be made no later than July 15. The department can’t guarantee that requests made after July 15 can be accommodated.

In a change from previous testing procedures, poultry testing will be done this year at the fairgrounds; due to limited staffing, testers will not be able to visit each location. Those showing birds at the fair must bring the entire flock to the fairgrounds to be tested, and the flock owner must be present and available to handle the birds and assist the inspector.

Contact Megan Megrath at 617-626-1798 or to request testing, and include the number of birds in your flock. The department will try to schedule the tests throughout the day to reduce wait times.

Poultry must be 16 weeks of age to test for pullorum. About one week after the testing date, given the samples are negative, bird owners will receive a pullorum clean certificate valid for one year.