Do you remember these many problems before? Seems all I hear about when I speak to my friends who have returned to our storybook Island is that their phones aren’t working, their televisions are out, their Wi-Fi disappeared. I know this is an annual problem but it sounds like it spread like a disease this year. I have the solution. Go to the beach. If it’s raining and you can’t go to the beach go to one of our wonderfully refurbished movie theatres and catch a show. Like we used to do before Netflix.

More news from Lenny’s Loop — Angela Murphy has her two sons, Mercer and Hollis, busily occupied at summer jobs. Mary Afton is trying to plan her summer, I hear some surprises are in store. I can’t wait to see my dear Shane, I have collected some books for you about your favorite animals. The party goes on without me. I spent the evenings of July 1 through 5 in the house, windows closed, air conditioners on, music or television on very LOUDLY to distract my poor gunfire hating dogs. Didn’t work. I firmly side with what Betsy Buck put out on Facebook, do not ever take your dogs to fireworks!

Also on Facebook, I see proud sister Ashley Willoughby suggests you vote for her sister Amber’s picture of their dad, David (Cricket) Willoughby in the annual Island Portraits exhibit put on by the Martha’s Vineyard Museum and the Featherstone Center for the Arts. Everyone knows several people in this dynamic family.

Our library continues with great summer activities. Next Tuesday night, July 14, in the program room at 7 p.m., a free showing of To Kill a Mockingbird with (be still my heart) Gregory Peck will be screened with free popcorn and lemonade. I know you are all anxiously awaiting the publication of Harper Lee’s new book, Go Set a Watchman, which is actually her first book. I am enthralled with To Kill a Mockingbird and re-read it at least every four years. How will Watchman stack up?

The library also hosts Rose Styron and friends at 2 p.m. on Sunday July 12. Rose is an activist, pacifist, artist and poet and will read from her work. A reception will follow at the library.

I do not think it is too early to mark your calendars for two of our favorite summer events, both emanating from the Thrift Shop. Multi-talented Noavakay Knight presents the third annual Needle Book fashion show at our Thrift Shop on Friday August 14. I cannot tell you how professional and how much fun this event is. Teri and I had the pleasure to attend last summer. I am expecting to get back on Island in time to see this one. Two days later, on Sunday, August 16, the annual Chicken Alley Art Show will begin at 1 p.m. I have found gifts and paintings and treasures from this event that are perfect presents for your perfect person. All proceeds fund the Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. I’ll see you there.

On Friday July 10 the birthday bandwagon pulls along Russell Burrows and Ketlyn Carolyn Alves. July 11 is a party for Alden Besse, Miro Balbino, Mary Fuller, Tom Roux and Denny Freitas. July 12 shines on Dick Iacovello, Marfi Gagnon, Betty Burton and Veraniece Martins. July 13 honors Nancy MacPartlin Gardella (my sister in law), Jaron Schilling, Thomasina Petrone, Karen Lobdell, Nevenka Daniels and Talula Goldberg Martin. July 14 is claimed by Ronda MacLeod, Alanna Majors and Bob Wheeler. July 15 is for Pam Alley, Laurel Redington-Whitaker and Courtenay Stanley. And on July 16, John Schilling, Karen English, Dan Manning and Shawna Medeiros take the cake. Many happy returns.

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