The Vineyard is always awash in color during the spring and summer seasons, but the radiant hues and bright lights that make up the outdoors can also be found in air conditioned spaces this weekend for the opening of an art exhibition called Summer Stories: A Dialogue of Color and Light. There is an opening reception for the show this Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Louisa Gould gallery located at 54 Main street in Vineyard Haven

Artists Peter Batchelder, Fran Dropkin, Suzanne Hill and Nick Paciorek will showcase new works for the show which will continue through August 5.

“These artists all go nicely together,” said Ms. Gould. “They’re all very strong, but don’t compete and distract from the others.”

All of the works shown except for those by Ms. Hill will be paintings that focus on the summer months on the Island. Ms. Hill’s ceramics, while more interpretative than the fine brush strokes of the landscape-based painters such as Mr. Paciorek or Ms. Dropkin, still captures that same sense of light that falls on the beaches in late August. Ms. Hill incorporates items found on Martha’s Vineyard such as driftwood or stone into her works, giving them a unique sense of connection to the area.

All the works, even those without direct Island artifacts, are meant to show a side of Martha’s Vineyard that can sometimes only be found in the vibrancy of the summer months.

“People want to take a special piece of the Island home with them,” said Ms. Gould. “And part of this is having a piece of the Island during this time.”

Ms. Gould is hoping that the event can help emphasize each artist’s unique individual talents, whether its Mr. Batchelder’s depiction of the late summer afternoon light or the July farm landscape of Mr. Paciorek.

“It sounds clichéd, but it’s kind of the sights of summer,” said Ms. Gould. “And they really have captured it.”

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