We made through one heat wave and by the end of this week when this paper comes out we may have gone through another one. I still am praying for rain as the ground is so dry.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Aliyah Leavitt who celebrated her day July 26, Diego Valentim, July 27, Ryan Lauriano, July 28, and to Michael O’Brien who celebrated his day July 29.

A good friendship is a very important part of your life, so when you have that in your life you are very lucky. So this is about five ladies who have become friends and do almost everything together. Brenda Perry, Cathy Bettencourt, Phaedra Ben David, Kelli Stewart and Kathy Brasefield are a group that travel play and work together. They all work at MV Savings, all in different branches, but after work there is always something going on. They play trivia together, they have a team for Relay for Life and they work hard to raise money. They travel together to Maine or concerts or just take a plain old relaxing trip.

However last weekend it was just Phaedra, Kelli and Brenda who traveled to New Hampshire Speedway for the races and to see Bret Michaels. The other two do not like racing but it was also Cathy’s husband Kenny’s birthday. However I did tease Brenda because it was her anniversary and she was at the races. So I look forward to seeing what more these ladies will do together and am happy they all have a caring group to share life’s experience with.

On Sunday, my California son, John Macy, came downstairs and announced that if I didn’t see him by dark to call the Coast Guard. He informed me that he and his friend from San Francisco, Ryan Kelly, were sailing his sunfish from his grandmother’s house on Lake Tashmoo to Chappy. John has been sailing for a long time and he surfs, so water is no stranger to him but my heart skipped a beat when he said how far they were sailing.

They left Tashmoo minutes before there was a boat fire at the opening of Tashmoo. They saw the harbor master’s boat racing by them but they kept going on their adventure. They sailed on to West Chop where they said it got a little testy and took on some water, and sailed around other boats. They made it to State Beach where they stopped to dive, or should I say did a back flip, off the bridge. I saw the video and it was different to say the least. Then it was on to their destination; after three and a half hours they landed on Chappy. Ryan works at the Chappy Beach Club so it was a great destination to land. They had a ball and they are safe and then get the boat back to Vineyard Haven without sailing it back.

So to all of you friends out there, have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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