Vincent P. Loccisano TRS and Spyglass Realty Trust purchased 16 East Pasture Road in Aquinnah from Albert L. Schechterman for $1,170,000 on July 31.


David C. Wilson 3rd purchased 16 Blue Barque Road in Chilmark from Sarah Peeples Wilson, John Wing Wilson, and Ridie Wilson Ghezzi for $420,300 on July 31.

David C. Wilson 3rd purchased lot 39 on Hancock Beach from Sarah Peeples Wilson, John Wing Wilson, and Ridie Wilson Ghezzi for $317,625 on July 31.


Dale Hamson and Andrea Hamson purchased 7 Katama Drive in Edgartown from Stephen H. Dourian for $1,432,500 on July 28.

Constantine B. O’Doherty purchased 20 Bold Meadow Road in Edgartown from John C. Hartley and Roberta L. Hutchison for $375,000 on July 29.

Michael D. Bernstein and Sara R. Bernstein purchased 10 Milikin Way in Edgartown from 10 Milikin Way LLC for $3,000,000 on July 30.

Patrick Mahady TRS and Patrick M. Mahady Trust purchased 25 Slough Cove Road in Edgartown from Patrick S. Turner and Alexandra EM Turner for $900,000 on July 30.

Jeffrey Karp purchased 15 Motick Trail in Edgartown from Edward T. Costigan TRS and Costigan Dukes Nominee Trust for $825,000 on July 31.

Oak Bluffs

Alyson Guthrie purchased 31 Nunpaug street in Oak Bluffs from Richard E. Wojtczak for $695,000 on July 27.

William O. MacArthur 3rd and Lisa F. MacArthur purchased 11 Crescent Road in Oak Bluffs from John Reagan and Lisa Reagan for $1,725,000 on July 31.

Denise Orenstein purchased 283 East Chop Drive in Oak Bluffs from Lawrence P. Mayo TRS and 283 East Chop Realty Trust for $1,544,250 on July 31.

Deborah Sanders Lewis purchased 4 Periwinkle Lane in Oak Bluffs from Gregory G. Clark for $530,000 on July 31.

Jason K. Colberg TRS, Michelle AP Colberg TRS, and Colberg Beach House Trust purchased 258 Newton Road in Oak Bluffs for $1,275,000 on July 31.

Vineyard Haven

Norma Valenti purchased 36 Circuit avenue in Vineyard Haven from Susan Anson for $395,000 on July 27.

Peter J. Huttlinger and Erin E. Huttlinger purchased 123 Bernard Circle in Vineyard Haven from David C. Morris and Anna A. Morris for $200,000 on July 28.

Sandra J. Washburn and Brent W. Washburn purchased 59 Madaline Way in Vineyard Haven from Linda Comstock for $574,000 on July 31.

West Tisbury

Abby Joy Fyer purchased 34 Looks Pond Way in West Tisbury from Deborah J. Mayhew TRS, John W. Mayhew 3rd TRS, and Sarah Lee Mayhew Irrevocable Trust for $680,000 on July 28.